A pill that can make us smarter

Stress is a life's reality for anybody in the entrepreneurial fast road and not only that, but the learning process comes from real-world experience and everyday problems and downs, but the...

Anti-Infrared Camera Number Plate Cover

People have tried for years to camouflage their license plates with many solutions like plastic wrap, hairspray, and specialized spray formulas, and none have held. And today the use of photo radar...

A review from the book,”You Can’t Smell Shit When It’s Covered With Roses”

Newly released book, "You Can't Smell Shit When It's Covered With Roses" A book about a woman who trusted this dude to love her and instead he ravished her life. By Charissa Harris After...

Your next new car is waiting for you

Car loan firms make it easier for customers to buy both new and used cars, by granting loans and many alternative payment choices so clients don't have to pay the complete...

Turn Off Avast 2016 Footer Signature in your E-mails

If you are using any Avast Antivirus, including the free version, Avast automatically inserts an e-mail footer signature into all your outgoing messages. The signature will looks like: ‘This email has been sent...

K. Norman Consulting: Organizational Learning & Performance

KNC is guided by 14 years of industry experience with highly trained experts that hold advanced degrees in Instructional Design & Technology. KNC has provided top-notch instructional design, training, and consulting services...

POVGEAR The Carbon Fiber GoPro Pole

POVGEAR is an emerging brand in the field of GoPro accessories, after our test we cannot help but highly recommend it!!   The Carbon Fiber V3 extendable GoPro Pole is a premium pole...

Sprudio… the one boost every entrepreneur needs

Being a real businessman is not an easy mission for today entrepreneur. With all the challenges and a huge amount of data and people you have to process, it's more difficult...

Discussion with Brandy Runyan, the CEO of Black Diamond PR Firm

After hearing all the buzz, we recently sat down with Brandy Runyan, the CEO of Black Diamond PR Firm, to get the 411 on the client feedback swirling around online. What...

57 Pages: Bold & Fierce Social Issues Tackled, Through Series of Quirky Cartoons

While even the world’s most respected journalists have a hard time encapsulating society’s many faces, cartoonists are blessed with a license that allows almost anything to go. Nobody knows this better...