Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Celebrity Publicist Cece Vance Announces Her New Natural Hair Care Line “I Am You”

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I Am You founder Cece Vance became incredibly passionate about natural hair care. She eagerly studied, researched, and learned more information about products and ingredients that were all-natural and would work best for her hair. Driven and focused on how expensive some natural hair products were, she decided to begin mixing her own. After some trial and error, she soon found her mixing stride in 2015. I Am You officially launched in 2016 online and has expanded to include national and international retailers.

I Am You has released six (6) products that everyone, not just women, can enjoy.

No Knot Conditioning Cleanser: Who says suds are needed for deep cleansing? Moisturize, cleanse, and melt away all knots and tangles with super hydrating conditioning cleanser.

2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner
Low-Poo or No-Poo, why choose? I Am You 2 in 1 Cleanser combines the best of both worlds! With a perfect blend of mild surfactants and deep conditioning moisturizers, this moisturizing cleanser promises to leave hair clean and soft with just one wash!

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Toasted Marshmallow & Ginger Twisting Cream: Snap those coils back into shape with our extra-moisturizing twisting cream. Completely glycerin-free, this thick and rich conditioning cream is formulated as a beauty concoction for your curly tresses.

Pineapple & Kalahari Hair Smoothie: Treat your hair to a tropical indulgence with our Pineapple & Kalahari Hair Smoothie! Rich in pineapple, with the added benefits of shea and watermelon seed oil.

Edge Control Balm: An ultra moisturizing and softening edge control balm for slicking back stubborn edges and taming flyaways,

I Am You Growth Serum: I Am You Growth Serum… Wonderful for dry, problematic, itchy, irritated scalps, or those in need of a hair growth stimulant.

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Currently, Cece is working on “I Am You” for Kids which will release January 2018.

IG: @iamyounatural
Website: www.iamyouu.com
Walmart.com or Amazon.com (search I Am You)

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