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Connie Jordan, Las Vegas Life Strategist, Shares How to Swap Self-Doubt for Self-Confidence

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Do self-doubt and lack of confidence get you down? Feeling inadequate and putting up with the little voice in your head that says you’re not sufficient is soul-destroying. However, you can learn to believe in yourself and increase your confidence.

Take it from Connie Jordan, Las Vegas Life Coach and Strategist who is trusted with educating, motivating, and re-branding thousands of individuals’ leadership spirit by coaching life strategies.

Below, Mrs. Jordan shares the following tips to eliminate self-doubt and boost self-confidence:

Own your power

Many people who lack confidence look to others to shore up their self-esteem and help them feel credible. Without positive input from the outside world, they feel like failures, since they need assurance they are good enough.

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The first step to developing a belief in yourself is to recognize you are the only person with the power to build your inner strength and acknowledge your excellent qualities. Until you stop giving your power away to others by needing their approval, you will feel insecure, so go it alone.

Understand although being surrounded by supportive people is brilliant, you don’t need others to say you’re okay. Your self-belief can only come from you. When you acknowledge you are in control of your confidence instead of giving that job to others, you will be a step closer to your goal.

Recognize you have what it takes to be confident

People with low self-esteem sometimes imagine they can’t change. If you are not confident, you may think self-assured people have an ability you lack. However, you have everything you need to feel secure and happy inside you.

Taking courses, reading self-help books, and listening to wise friends is helpful. However, even without such resources, you have what it takes to shine. The seed of confidence grows within; you just need to give it the right conditions to help it develop.

How to grow the seed of confidence

Whether your self-doubt and lack of confidence stem from how you were treated as a child or had other origins, you are the one in control now. You feed your psyche with information via self-talk, and this strengthens current beliefs or changes them depending on what you tell yourself.

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Disparaging self-talk diminishes you, reinforcing the notion you aren’t good enough. Alter the way you speak in your head though, and you can transform your beliefs. Use self-talk as though you’re addressing a friend you love. Be kind and considerate to yourself, forgiving misdemeanors and offering support. As a result, self-compassion will boost your confidence.

Use positive language

At present, you might engage in negative self-talk. Perhaps you don’t accept compliments graciously, and you make little of your accomplishments. At the same time, you may use disparaging descriptive words.

From now on, pause to think before you speak. Don’t define yourself negatively, just as you wouldn’t describe someone you cared for and admired in adverse ways. Instead, use positive language. Doing so might feel odd at first, but persevere; you aren’t used to positive self-regard, but this will change over time and become second-nature.

Mirror work

You will know if your self-esteem is low when you look at your reflection in the mirror and say self-affirming statements. Repeat uplifting words while looking yourself in the eye. Notice which phrases make you feel uncomfortable and when certain words catch in your throat. Also, can you only say positive things when you giggle? Nervous giggles suggest disbelief in the words you speak.

Practice telling your reflection those phrases you find difficult until saying them is simple. Statements like “you are beautiful, lovable, and intelligent” and “I love you” might be hard to speak initially. However, persist until you no longer grimace, giggle, or shudder and can say positive words with clarity and volume.

Practice self-approval

Get used to self-praise when you’ve achieved a goal, improved your well-being, been kind to others, or carried out a chore well. You can even appreciate yourself when you’ve formed a healthy intention or made the most of the day. The idea is to acknowledge how valuable you are and increase your sense of self-worth.

You may not feel as confident as you would like yet, but the seed of self-belief is inside you waiting to be tended. Once you recognize you are in control of your development and have what it takes to succeed, you can nourish your inner environment with positive self-talk and strengthen confidence.

About Connie Jordan:

With more than 15 years of experience in education development in communities such as Las Vegas, Connie Jordan has worked on several valuable projects including the establishment of charter schools in both Arizona and Nevada. Demonstrating excellent marketing strategies, she is also responsible for the establishment of new campuses and a heightened awareness of public charter schools as a “parent choice” option for educational excellence. Her expertise and commitment gained her recognition for building expansion and increased enrollment to over 1,000 students.

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