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Content and Design Tips for Landing Page Optimization

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Planning a successful online campaign is never an easy task, especially considering the wide variety of factors that determine its success. One of these is certainly a landing page design, which may be difficult to adjust to visitors’ expectations, especially if you’re targeting a broad audience.

On the bright side, however, some tweaks can significantly boost your campaign’s success, and those that in most cases play the crucial role are listed below:

Landing page and user flow
The goal of a landing page is to guide a visitor through the exact set of actions that would eventually convert them into a paying customer, subscriber, or whatever it is you want them to become. Therefore, regardless of whether you’re using Google AdWords or Facebook PPC ads, for example, you need to make sure the overall design of the page your visitors land on would meet their expectations in every aspect.
In most cases, the overall efficiency of a campaign depends on both landing page design and the ad itself, which is why an equal amount of time must be dedicated to planning both.

Defining the goal
Before you even start designing your landing page, the most important thing you need to do is define the desired path you want a visitor to take and then adjust all the page elements to it. The landing pages will, therefore, usually contain a single call-to-action, minimum navigation, and content elements because otherwise you risk distracting a user.

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A/B testing
Although this should be a final step in the campaign planning process, A/B or Split testing is certainly one of the most important factors of the campaign’s success. The goal of testing is to avoid making assumptions about visitors’ behavior, which is why all the most important elements on a landing page need to go through it.
Testing helps you anticipate visitors’ actions and better plan your conversion funnel. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t necessarily take too much time and is available for free with the tools such as Google Analytics Content Experiments (you can find a detailed guide here).

Elements to include
CTA: By far the most important element your landing page needs is a call to action (CTA), which is typically in a form of a button that invites a visitor to download an ebook, sign up for a trial, or a newsletter, etc. Being the key element of the page, the CTA button needs to be transparent and conspicuous.
To make your CTA stand out from all the other elements, you should use white space, as well as an engaging copy. Obviously, the copy itself should clearly state what the user gets by clicking the button, meaning that you shouldn’t get too creative with this. The most efficient CTA copies are formulated as a value explaining how one could benefit from taking the action.
Product features value over promotion. One of the major mistakes most website owners make in terms of landing page design is designing it to look like a promotional banner rather than explaining how a particular action could help the target users. Instead of listing numerous technical features, you should come up with a list of problems your product or service solves.
Graphics: An image is worth a thousand words and this is why graphics are an obligatory element of a landing page. Here it is important not to use generic images or, worse, stock photos; the best effects are achieved when a product is shown in action, which can also be achieved by adding videos that demonstrate how it works.

Of course, even though you’re most likely to carry out your campaign through external channels, you still can benefit from making it visible to search engines. Since landing pages typically contain a limited amount of text, search engine optimization is best achieved through the headline and meta-tags optimization. This is especially important for images, which should constitute a great deal of the pages.

With every new campaign, marketers are faced with yet another challenge that can be overcome only if all the elements on a landing page are perfectly optimized.  Therefore, investing time and effort into making them work together to provide an excellent user experience is quite likely to bring positive results.

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