Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence: A Perfect Match

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As we are becoming more and more reliant on technology, our brains are becoming more slower to rewire the process differently and this gets applied to the customers as well. Gone are the days where everything was done manually and now we are living in a time where all of the work is being taken up over by software, machines and various different procedures.

Popular applications are targeted towards the users which have led to the inevitable mass adoption of predictive and advanced technology as this will upend the traditional methods of receiving, disseminating and producing content.

We all know that artificial intelligence is having endless amounts of potential for all business operations as there is clear evidence that it can be especially useful for content marketers. In this article, we will be looking at a few advantages of how AI-enabled content can help you generate more business.

Generates Automatic Content

Artificial intelligence can be advantageous to create content for simple stories such as sports reports and stock updates as this is not a new practice. For many years, the machines have been incorporated to generate automatic content by companies like The Associated Press and Fox to these trends. It might happen that you have come across the content that was written by an algorithm without even noticing it.

Seamless User Interaction through Chatbots

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Chatbots which seem to be AI-powered computer programs helps to mimic conversations with a user as they do it often with moderate success. The best example is Facebook Messenger that uses chatbots for initiating quasi-conversations among the users and other services.

The chatbots can also be used to send promotional content once the user interacts back by enabling them to respond to the concerns and queries in real-time. Brands like Uber are making use of chatbots for helping out the users to request the rides without powering up the applications. With the help of chatbots, you can streamline customer support by providing the users with all the relevant information that they need on an immediate basis. Design your own chatbots and do away with time-consuming forms as now the users can simply type what they want to ask.

Attention, Attention, and Attention

Brands need to customize the news feeds of your users by showing them only the posts that capture their interests from all the social websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This process includes an analysis of numerous variables that seems to be impossible without the help of artificial intelligence. When you rely on AI, you can actually predict the posts that the users will be engaged with. Also, you can make use of some algorithms to know the relevancy scores which are allotted to the ads found in social media which will present you mainly those advertisements that have a higher chance of drawing the user’s attention.

Make Predictive Intelligence

Predictive intelligence is helping to increase the efficiency of your business by understanding the needs of every individual customer and boosting your overall SEO. The great way to power up your content writing efforts is to incorporate video storytelling and making use of regression analysis. Also, the personalized content meets the interests and requirements. The lead scoring is impacted by artificial intelligence as it enabled the marketers to hasten the accurate sales by identifying the customers ripe for conversion.

How can You make a move through AI?

Huge content-focused enterprises are being employed with a large range of content-generating tools.  It is vital to come up with an effective AI strategy for implementing it within your business structure if at one point you feel like these details don’t really work. Every organization needs to have its own strengths and there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. Therefore, you need to have a smart and comprehensive content marketing plan that helps to have a clear framework to develop and execute a winning strategy. Keep Learning!

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David is a Technical Geek. He has expertise in cloud computing, data science, entrepreneurship and project management. Currently, he is working on a web & mobile app development company.

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