Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Is Content Still King? Or Is It The Clown Prince Of Promotion?

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With various amounts of SEO techniques that are ever increasing in the modern business world, the question always arises, does the quality of the content matter anymore? Of course, the age-old expression of content being king is still being bandied around, but is it still the front and center of every business’ marketing campaigns? Or is it a small part of a bigger technique that we need to utilize?


The Importance Of Content

The overarching goal of online content is to bridge the gap between your company and your customer. Developing this relationship between the product and the person isn’t something that can be done overnight, and it’s not going to be done with flashy gimmicks. From a marketing perspective, we have all seen the potential of link building to get certain products and services into areas that would be quite difficult. And in many respects it’s a cheaper approach than instigating a massive marketing campaign, but, ultimately it’s still going to be secondary to the content because the quality of the content will intrigue future customers to look into these links.

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Content Serves The Purpose

With the ever-increasing amount of SEO techniques doing the rounds, and combined with the amount of blogs and vlogs you see online now, this means that content needs to be more vital now than it ever has been. Ignite Digital’s web page states that 75% of searches never go past page one, so the content serving the purpose of the person’s search needs to be more to the point! This drives up the importance of making overarching content that answers the customers’ questions and simultaneously builds the relationship between the two.


Content Is Still The Best Way To Sell A Product

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With the focus slowly shifting back towards the importance of a face to the company and a lot of demand for a variation on face-to-face contact to solve queries or to buy a product, businesses need to adapt their online content to reflect this. The importance of content as a means of opening up dialogue with a customer has never been more important. A lot of businesses focus their efforts on a FAQ page or making their contact ability particularly vague, but this should be the centerpiece of your content. Your content is your business’s voice, and so the most important thing about driving traffic towards your website while also making sure you are communicating everything that is prudent about your business, is all down to the content you provide.


Right now, content is the best approach to reaching out to customers on a mass scale. Before the rise of virtual reality technology takes over every aspect of the customer’s interaction with the business, content is what we need to focus on to increase sales but also speak to a customer on a one-to-one basis. Content is still king, but before VR becomes more widespread and accessible in the coming years, this is the best approach any business should use to gain access to their customers and to promote themselves.

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