Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Creating A Better Office Environment

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Create a better office environment and watch the happiness increase. Here’s how to do so.

  1. Unleash the chi

Commonly known as Feng Shui, chi involves de-stressing and de-cluttering the office to improve harmony and workflow.  A complete office makeover can help improve your office’s workflow, which is healthy for everyone. If decluttering or rearranging the office doesn’t seem to work, consider giving it a 90-degree spin and see if you can work with the results. Consider an indoor waterfall for the office.

  1. Go Green

Adding a plant or two to your workplace can transform it incredibly. Consider starting off with something simple such as a couple of cacti or delicate lotus. While a live plant is recommended, you can still go with an artificial one to create the impression. Live plants, however, respond differently to air conditioning and fluorescent lighting in most offices. Just don’t be disappointed if it starts withering after a couple of days.

  1. Add a favorite theme

Have you been yearning to spend a few days on the sandy beaches, or wish you were vacationing? Why not add a theme that says just that. Why adding a favorite theme to your workstation can work wonders in improving its look and feel, you need to be careful if on a temporary job or when hot-desking.

  1.  Accessorize
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With the wake of technology and millions of technological innovations, there’s definitely a gadget or two you can add to your desk to make it more lively and personified. As many people put it, always remember the 3 magic letters U. S. B when shopping for accessorizing items for your desk.

You can go for anything cool ranging from a digital desktop oil diffuser, USB rocket launcher, a portable Bluetooth speaker, etc. The list is endless when it comes to accessorizing your desktop. Most of these gadgets can be powered directly from your computer USB ports.

  1. Get some inspiration

People draw inspiration from pictures of loved ones, art, certifications, music, among many other places. Having something that inspires you on your desk can be a great way to keep you motivated all day long. Simply staring at pictures of loved ones, for instance, can act as an inspiration to keep you going or want to come to work every day.

If art or photos aren’t your things, consider something that looks philosophical or inspirational words of wisdom. You can even go an extra mile by adding a box of chocolate or candy on your desk.

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Sara Revonia
Sara Revonia
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, and Mom. Sara Revonia’s articles are about business, life, and Entrepreneurship.
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