Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Crowdfondue or the “Democratization Of Capitalism”!

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Does the idea of helping a start-up business grow and develop into an innovative company excite you? Then Crowdfondue is exactly what you have been looking for!

Crowdfondue is a crowd-funding platform dedicated to connecting promising companies with investors who are looking for their next big project. Up until recently, legislation prohibited non-accredited investors from participating in the early stage security investments but thanks to Regulation A+ companies can now raise money by offering their securities to potential investors – and Crowdfondue acts as the bridge between these two worlds. Currently, the platform is the only place that offers to act on behalf of the company with no initial charge or hidden fees whatsoever.

The platform’s team consists of experienced security attorneys, marketing experts and tech specialists, who work to identify select investment opportunities and connect promising companies, looking for capital, with the right investors. The main aspect which differentiates Crowdfondue from most other crowdfunding platforms is that its team hand picks every single investment opportunity you’ll see on their website. In fact, Crowdfondue’s specialists are also investors in the same ventures you can decide to participate in because they, like you, believe that we should all pitch and contribute to the growth and development of ideas and business.

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The process behind Crowdfondue is simple: the team will identify and secure their position within a given opportunity, provide legal services and structure the deal, secure the ownership and shares, and create marketing campaign (including video content as the company’s pitch) to raise awareness and draw potential investors. With years of experience in the industry, Crowdfondue is dedicated to one goal: giving everyone the opportunity to invest in unique ventures and exciting innovative businesses. By providing you with the chance to become an early investor, the crowdfunding platforms ensure you will yield benefits that other platforms rarely offer – and revolutionize the world of investment while making a few bucks along the way!

Crowdfondue’s focus is on finding the right fit – both for you as a passionate investor, and for company owners looking for the most suitable investor. By working with and for you, Crowdfondue helps support innovation and entrepreneurship, giving birth and facilitating the growth of a myriad of exciting and innovative business ventures!

To know more about Crowdfondue visit www.crowdfondue.com

You can also watch this video about “pomm” one of the good project you can find on the website:

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