Wednesday, July 6, 2022

D1 Athletes Mentorship To Guide Young Athletes Attend College

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Sometimes we just need a fresh start.  You need to put your bad habits and make serious changes to become the person you were meant to be. And it is especially the case for young athletes who are transitioning from childhood to adulthood. And of course, the college is the perfect opportunity to break out with the old version and become someone totally new and successful.

And today I’m going to introduce you to a D1 Athletes Kit that helps help parents and young athletes across the USA to get into college using online programs.

The guide was made by a company called the Soccer Van and gives top notch mentorship from D1 soccer players who graduated from the top universities in the USA to young athletes who want to attend a college.

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The mentors will help with personal mentorship, fitness analysis, goal setting analysis, and character development and boosting

The Soccer Van will provide the young athletes with access to top college trainers and coaches, weekly Q&A sessions, and a supportive and helpful community of parents, players and another athlete.
The company provides also, online courses that helps these young athletes find their path to the right college and of course the right soccer team.

Watch this video about a kid that has a dream to play soccer and his father talking about The Soccer Van and how the company helped them in every process:

There is also this Indiegogo campaign launched to raise funds for the company program and course, that you can visit to donate, help or at least share it with your friend to allow more people to participate.

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