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Dan Anton Sees Exponential Growth with Atlanta SEO

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Dan Anton

Dan Anton is a military veteran turned internet entrepreneur. From the young age of 15 Dan was making money online part-time. At first he began selling guides and video games, and would then go on to Montclair State University where he graduated with a degree in Business and Computer Science.

Everything changed after 9/11. Dan made the decision to actively serve his country by enlisting in the United States Army through basic training, and Officer Training School. He went on to serve two tours in Iraq as an Army Infantry Ranger Major, receiving two bronze stars for valor in combat. Dan’s vehicle was struck by an I.E.D during his second tour, ending his military career, but igniting a new passion, helping businesses succeed online. He quickly realized that SEO, search engine optimization, was the primary way people were finding businesses online through Google, Yahoo and Bing. Fast forward 10 years, he now runs the largest SEO software company, apps, and wholesale products.

After years of developing products for web designers to resell to their SEO clients, Dan and Matt Anton created Atlanta SEO, a client-facing brand, focused exclusively on business owners. The company’s approach is to educate, consult, and execute, whether a business website needs proper Onpage SEO Meta data, conversion optimization, content syndication, or promotion, Atlanta SEO handles all aspects, start to finish.

Current clients include Fortune 100, Fortune 500, Franchises and Mom & Pop businesses in the Georgia area, as well as national and international clients. Because competition is only increasing and leads are a zero-sum game against the competition, SEO has become more lucrative for both the agency and the business recipient. A true partnership arrangement exists with Agency and business, following the mantra of Zig Ziglar; “you can get anything in life you want, if you just help another people get what they want”. In this case, it’s rankings in Google. Dan Anton believes in value and integrity, which is why there are never any long-term contracts and the ability to cancel anytime, however the retention rate of Atlanta SEO is very high because of the personal relationships, results, and affordable pricing allowing for a consistent high return on investment for clients.

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You can reach Atlanta SEO:

772 Barnett St NE Atlanta, GA 30306

(706) 225-9394

You can stay in touch with Dan Anton at his Social Media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube.


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