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Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria Discusses His Company and Investment Banking

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Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria is the Chief Executive Officer of the Vitoria Group. With many years of experience in investment banking, he now operates a note-worthy company in the finance sector. Mr. Vitoria graduated from the New York University, going to enter the entrepreneurial circles and develop a lucrative career. 

Outside of his job, Dante Michael Anthony Vitoria is a family man that is happily married and has three children. Additionally, he overcame cancer on three separate occasions. In order to connect with other businessmen, he currently has a personal blog, podcast, and frequently writes for different magazines. Besides the Vitoria Group, Mr. Vitoria also owns “Links to Legends” where he helps organize golf and celebrity events. 

What are some key aspects of your business that make it successful? 

Our consulting services are very popular amongst investors. We often see businesses that need objective valuations. Since these can be quite tricky to calculate, our experience and knowledge help us derive the most accurate numbers. Also, we frequently work for financial institutions that have a lot of outstanding debt. Our role is to negotiate and try to convert a portion of the bad debt expense into a recaptured liability. Thus far, I am happy to say that our track record has been quite impressive! 

What are some changes surrounding the business landscape in the United States that have affected your company? 

The shift happening on the political scene is probably the most obvious one. Although there was a change in the administrations two years ago, many effects are just now taking place. For example, the new tax law will not actually affect people until taxes for 2018 are filed next year. 

Additionally, there is a constant debate surrounding small businesses and how the government can create jobs. I see this as a good way to grow our company. In fact, the Vitoria Group has already benefited by taking advantage of some law changes under the current administration. Of course, we do our best to help our clients achieve the same. 

How does your company engage in some more common methods of investment banking? 

Well, we invite individuals and businesses to submit their proposals. These can be anything that fits into their model of operations and provides a clear-cut path to profitability. If I evaluate the proposal and see potential, I will try to involve potential investors. This is where my experience in investment banking comes in. I start off by creating calculations and forecasts that showcase expectations about the proposal. For instance, if a business plans to increase their demand, I will dissect all the numbers to check their accuracy. If I am convinced that the idea is solid, I pass it on to the investors who may want to get financially involved and help. 

Are there any worrisome trends in the market that may affect investment banking in a negative way? 

The problems connected to data privacy are certainly alarming. I noticed a growing number of companies that have fallen victims to hackers and thieves. Sometimes, however, these companies harvest user information that should be off limits. Consider how Equifax lost information on more than 3,200 passports of American citizens during its data breach. Since they are a credit company, one must wonder what purpose did all the passports serve? Not to mention how they also stored information from innumerable government-issued documents. These issues are becoming more common and privacy concerns are definitely affecting investment banking. 

Can you touch on the financing services that your company provides? 

So, the Vitoria Group is also in the business of building other ventures. Although we specialize in consulting, providing capital to promising opportunities is very common. For instance, if we analyze hundreds of proposals, there is a good chance that we will run into a few that seem extraordinary. When that happens, we try to negotiate terms for bridge financing. That way, we can capture a part of the growth related to some of the most impressive proposals that are sent to us. 

Outside of your company, what are some things that you do to maintain a healthy life-to-work balance? 

I spend a lot of time with my family. We go to church together, watch movies, go outside, and much more. They provide me with the necessary motivation to keep pushing every day. Additionally, they always remind me that there are more important things in life than any specific project. This helps me balance my focus and prioritize my engagements correctly.

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