Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The Death Of Link Building: SEO’s Biggest Myth

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If you talk to some business folk, they might tell you that link building is a dead method of improving SEO. Then, you have others that tell you it’s not quite gone now, but it is a dying art.

Both types of people are completely wrong and don’t let them fool you.

The fact is, link building is still alive and well – some say it’s even better than ever before. The notion of its ‘death’ is arguably the biggest SEO myth around today. As we mentioned in our article; How To Push Your Business Up In The Search Rankings, it’s still a viable method of gaining ranking spots. Google has always placed an importance on backlinks when ranking websites. In theory, a site with lots of links pointing to it must be popular. After all, why else would everyone be linking back to it? Google sees this and gives the site a bump as it aims to put the best sites in the first few ranking spots.

This has always remained the same, so why do people think link building is dead? Well, it all comes down to the way in which you link build. There’s the old way of doing things – which is the wrong way – and there’s the new way of doing things – which is the right way. If you carry on with the ‘traditional’ link building methods of the past, then you won’t see results. This is why many people believe link building is dead as they’ve been doing this.

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So, what are the right and wrong ways to build links?

The Right Way To Build Links

The right way to build links is simple; you have to do it naturally. All the backlinks you get to your site need to be natural links from other high-quality websites. It’s a theory that’s simple on paper, but difficult in reality.

How can you get loads of other websites to provide links to your site? Well, the best way to do it is by writing guest posts for lots of different blogs. You can contact various blogs and offer to create guest posts in exchange for them allowing you to include a link to your site in the text. There is an art to writing guest posts like this, as illustrated in this article; Blogger Outreach Best Practices – How To Write A Guest Blog Post For SEO. It’s all about making the content fit the site and also making the anchor text and link blend into the content. For link building to have a strong effect, you need to get these guest posts on as many sites as possible.

The Wrong Way To Build Links

We’ll keep this short and sweet; the wrong way to build links is to spam your URL everywhere. People did this all the time, and it tricked Google into thinking their site was popular as it had so many backlinks. In reality, all the links were posted in comments sections on blogs or on sites set up purely to provide links. Google quickly realized this and, as it says in this article; The Big List Of Google Penalties For SEO, unnatural links will see you penalized.

If you build links properly, this method will elicit SEO success. It’s very much alive, just ensure you don’t do things the wrong way or you will be penalized.

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