Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Different ways of showing love and maintaining a happy relationship

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If you’ve been dating your partner for some time, and the honeymoon phase is behind you, how do you keep things exciting? Here are a few things you can do to keep the relationship alive and fun:

Date nights: Date nights are a great start. Even if you’re living with your partner, taking time once a week to do something fun together, from dinner to museum dates, is a great way to keep the relationship alive and fun.  Date night usually involves great communication, which is important for any successful relationship.

Going on adventures and traveling with your partner: It doesn’t always have to be a week+ vacay in another country. Even overnight stays in local towns are great. Going camping is great. The goal here is to spend some time in a new environment and experience new things together, from food, to music, to lifestyle.

Occasional reminders of how special they are to you. Giving them love notes is a great way to show your love and remind them of it when they least expect it. Sometimes a “just because” reminders is exactly what your partner needs.

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Being present – not just physically, but emotionally. This means don’t just listen to your partner speak but hear their words. Put all your emotional and mental worries behind, and be fully present. You can’t have a healthy relationship without having good communication and healthy communication is hard to achieve when we aren’t fully present.

And last but certainly not least, have some solo time and really, just spend time by yourself. Get to really know yourself. Spending too much time together can be toxic for any relationship. Find activities that you enjoy doing solo, and do them. Yoga for example is a great way to both meditate and center yourself.

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