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Dotcom woman who changes the online beauty world

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As a serial entrepreneur and beauty salons owner, Reema Khan is shaping the beauty world one idea at a time.

With more 85 locations across the US and more in India, Reema transformed the Beauty industry from a simple market to an idea to launch and help startups all around the USA.
Her company “S.h.a.p.e.s” provides a complete support program for startups, from assisting in selecting a location, to marketing support and branding promotions, plus access to a “corporate brand bank that includes a grand-opening campaign. The company also assists with guidance in hiring, staffing and training as well as IT support. Visits from field support representatives are part of the package, plus meetings, teleconferences, and workshops that are held to keep our franchisees informed and ahead of market needs,” Reema says.

And from beauty salons to a shaping the beauty industry, Reema tries always to work with her team to provide and empower women all around USA by giving them the ability to express themselves by being vibrant and elegant, in a last interview she was clear about how “The Reema Beauty line is one where everyone is beYOUtiful.  I believe that every woman wants to be bold, vibrant, sensual, powerful and confident and their makeup should reflect whoever they want to be on any given day.

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Inspired by her mother in the beginning and later by many women while she was training to perfect her threading knowledge, Reema doesn’t forget “the help of  the multitude of makeup and brow artists I work and associate with gives a boost to my deep-seeded passion for beauty.” and transform her journey to inspire other women and use her experience to launch new brands and idea like the last new beauty bar concept, called RMLA Makeover Bar or by being “also committed to paying it forward through my charity initiatives – Feeding the Beauty Within and Everyone is BeYOUtiful – both of which receive 10% of my net proceeds toward their purposes – fighting global child hunger and women’s empowerment, respectively.  I know I have been fortunate and nothing gives me more pleasure than to help others.” And accords from her time to help female immigrants and local ones by empowering them and giving them a platform to  grow and build a new self-confidence.

This serial entrepreneur believes in hard work and always share how “important to have a vision and set the path for that vision to come to fruition.”. She also tries “to set goals based on a combination of desires and ability to accomplish.” And while being super busy growing business woman, Reema also loves spending time with her two sons and husband and trust that succeeding as an entrepreneur starts by succeeding as human.

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