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Enram Butt Opens a Project on Kickstarter for Hiroto Knife Collection

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Enram Butt opens a project on Kickstarter for Hiroto An ideal kitchen partner. The knife selection consists of an excellent 67 layers Damascus VG10 Steel, using Albacete sword making skills that make it ultra sharp & durable.

Malaga, Spain (October 01, 2017) – Enran, the founder of this Hiroto Knife has plans to open this project on Kickstarter shortly. The special knife comes with 67 layers with Albacete and Solinger Dunnschliff Sharpening mechanism. The G10 Handle will provide better grip and comfort to the user and it comes in classic blue color too.

As compared to other knives this knife is made by keeping in view the balance, performance, and weight by combining Albacetes experience of quality swords,   craftsmanship, and skills to produce Hiroto, you will find this knife easy to handle due to the weight reduction. The higher stainless steel Rockwell of up to 61-62 HRC.

This Santoku Knife is the Japanese equivalent to the Western Chef’s Knife. It is true that it is used in a similar way, but it offers lesser room for a rocking motion, which is a feature generally found in western knives.

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About Enram Butt:

Enram Butt is the founder of this project at Kickstarter and this is his first campaign on this platform, he has vast experience of Gastronomy and works with his small team to perform quality control and performances for kitchen items included a knife, cutters, pans etc. He works with a young team from The Costa who are known for their professionalism and dedication to providing good products to the chef so they could work easily they are well known within Malaga, Marbella and in Puerto Banus.

For more information please visit this link.

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