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Entering the Blogosphere: Getting Noticed in the Blogging Community

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Blogging has really taken off in the past decade. However, the past couple of years have seen major changes occur in the blogging community. When blogging first became popular, you would have found that most blogs you came across were essentially journals: spaces where people shared their personal thoughts and occurrences from their day to day life.

But as time has progressed, journaling has been adopted by the realms of social media rather than blog pages. People aren’t as interested in expensive pieces about others’ personal lives and tend to prefer snapshots of events on their Instagram feeds or Facebook profiles. However, this didn’t result in the demise of the blogging platform. Instead, the purpose of blogs changed a little. Blogs became increasingly specialized: a place for people to go for recommendations, advice, and reviews. The success of this can be seen in the outstanding interest garnered by beauty blogs, lifestyle blogs, and travel blogs. Bloggers rack up thousands of hits, as people check out their page to find out about the latest beauty brand launches, work out how to improve their home’s interiors or find inspiration for their next holiday. A second popular use of blogs at the moment is also for business.

The skyrocketing success of E-commerce means that consumers now spend more and more of their disposable income online, opting for items to be delivered to their home over heading to the shops and purchasing in real life. Blogs have become a brilliant way for businesses to engage with potential customers, unveiling new products and making consumers aware of special events, sales and discounts. Now, whether you are aiming to use a blog for personal or business purposes, you will notice that the web is saturated with seemingly endless blogs. You want yours to stand out. You want to make an impact on the blogosphere, and you may be struggling to work out how. But not to worry, we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know to set up an impressive blog and draw attention to its contents.

Specialising Your Intended Content

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To start off, you need to decide what kind of things your blog will contain. You need to focus your content to draw the attention of specialized audiences. Consistent content will ensure that people know what your blog provides and will keep tuning back in for regular updates.

Setting Up

Setting up a blog doesn’t take all too much time. However, you don’t want to hurry the process. It’s much better to take your time and start out with the blog of your dreams than to launch your page prematurely and have to make massive alterations along the way. So, first things first, you need to choose a platform. Generally, we would recommend using WordPress and Find a WordPress Hosting provider that matches your needs.

WordPress gives the opportunity to upgrade with personalized domain names and purchased themes or ways to implement CSS themes of your own. Next, you’ll need to choose a name for your blog. Some people opt for their own name or a nickname. Working under your own name shows confidence in what you’re putting out there: you’re literally proud enough of your work to put your own name on it. However, some people will prefer to keep their full name private, so may opt for a nickname or their first name only. Alternatively, you could use terms that indicate the type of blog you’re running. If you’re struggling, you can always find inspiration by using a random word generator. This will stir your imagination and may well be the source of your final blog name!

Being Active in the Community

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Once you’ve set up and released a few posts, it’s time to start becoming active in the blogging community. This will get your name out there. If you start following similar blogs, their owners may follow you back. Who knows, they might even recommend your blog to friends or their own readers. You should also respond to positive comments or likes on your posts. This helps to build a strong and personal relationship with your readers, encouraging them to come back time and time again. Community engagement is essential.

Following these simple steps will help you to set up your blog and start becoming recognized within the blogosphere. Be patient, sometimes establishing yourself will take time, but eventually, you will find yourself with a committed and appreciating readership. As your popularity increases, you may even be able to make a living from blogging, turning your passion into a career.

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