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All You Ever Need to Know About Managed Services

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If you are anyhow related to a business that uses IT to run or administer the business, you must have heard the word ‘Managed Services’. In recent years this has been the trendiest word in the business sectors relying on IT. This is the word used by most of the IT-support companies to make their valuable presence in the market. But if you want to know if the company is actually providing the Managed Services at a flat rate or just using the buzzword to attract customers, you need to understand some basics about the Managed Services.

What is meant by Managed Services?

In the simplest words, we can understand Managed Services as the transfer of responsibilities to a service provider to take care of monitoring, managing and resolving issues arising in the IT systems within the business. This means the companies claiming them as Manages Services Providers are actually promising you that they can take care of all the responsibilities relating to the IT systems used in your business.

Why is the whole industry moving towards Managed Services?

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Not only the big companies but also the small ones today rely on IT for the operation and maintenance of their business. With the increase of dependence on IT, the complexity of its maintenance is also growing. If a business falls behind in keeping backups, security or patches etc. then the business is sure to get some negative experiences down the road. Failing of E-mail server, breaking down of customer relationship management systems or any of such problems can result in huge financial and reputational losses. So, every business wants to pass-off some responsibilities to other and focus on their basic operations of the business. And Managed Services Providers are coming to the rescue for all such businesses.       

What is the difference between NextGen Managed Services and the Traditional Managed Service?

While looking for an appropriate Managed Service Providers you’ll come across companies like the VOX Network Solutions that vouches for NextGen Managed Services and warns you against the traditional ones. In that situation, you’ll like to understand the difference between the two. The basic difference between the traditional and modern Managed Services is about the mentality and philosophy that works behind.

The traditional managed services used to work on the principle of break-fix i.e. wait for your system to break and then go fixing them. Unless anything has not gone wrong you won’t get the services. But in the Modern Managed Services System, the service provider works continuously to keep your systems working without a break. They monitor and eliminate any possibility of your system to go wrong. The NextGen Managed Services is the only option if a business wants to keep working without any hindrances.

Do the Modern Managed Services cost more as compared to the traditional break-fix system?

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The answer is a big NO! The modern managed services are in no way costlier than the traditional one. And if you calculate the financial loss caused during the downtime experienced in the break-fix system the modern managed services become way cheaper. In the NextGen Managed Services providers are involved in remote monitoring and remote maintenance of your IT systems. This makes their operation cost much less than the providers of break-fix services who keep on visiting client’s site for providing the maintenance services. And as a business person, you must be aware of the fact that all the operating expenses are to be eventually paid by the end users (in this case it is you!).

What are the benefits of managed services?

Till now you might have understood the benefits managed services can bring to your business. But, if you are still in a doubt let us summarize the benefits of managed services for you.

  • The problems that might negatively affect your business are discovered and fixed even before they occur.
  • With its flat-fee billing system, the managed services become a controllable operating expense of a business as opposed to the break-fix system where you never know how much the next maintenance will cost you.
  • When your IT systems are under supervision 24*7 the operating efficiency of your business grows naturally.
  • When you don’t have to pay additional charges for any issue arising in your internal IT system your operating cost goes down automatically.
  • When your business operation keeps on going smoothly without any added burden you get an edge over the competitors who lag behind in adopting the new philosophies of the industry.
  • You don’t have to tackle any downtime.

Do you still have any doubt?

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