Monday, July 4, 2022

Evnts, A Powerful Events Creation and Management Solution

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If you want the easiest way to create and manage your events in the most awesome, most creative, most unique way, the BlogProcess Team found a useful and free Event Management App for you.

Evnts is an app which started a journey to improve the event management. And beside the old-fashioned solution that you can find anywhere, Evnts app does not only create events, manage your existing ones and provide an easy solution to share them, but it optimizes the way you do this, manage everything without email logins or social media integration, simplifies communication with a built-in messaging system and provides a calendar system and location search solution for an easy creation process…

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And with Evnts you can:
– View upcoming events in one location/tab,
– Add new attendees easily from your own phone contact list,
– View and manage new invites or pending ones,
– Ability for attendees to invite guests,
– Group chat for each event.

And what we love about the app is the way they present each solution with a beautiful and very functional UX.
Each of the uniquely made function of the app is used to help you step by step to turn any event into a huge success.

With so many choices and great function, users of Evnts are increasingly drawn to exceptional value, new functionalities with each update and incredible experiences.
So if you’re looking for a way to charge up your events managing tasks and find that great solution you are always looking for while making your event more enjoyable and easy for you and for your guest to follow up, what are you waiting to create your profile and start creating your first event?

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Visit Evnts for more information and download it for free from:
Google Play;
App Store.

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