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Explainer Video Company: 8 General Rules for All Types of Explainer Videos

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Explainer videos are the latest flavor of the season in today’s world of business. These videos are done by a reliable explainer video company, typically in animated form, and are used to market or promote a product, service or brand. These explainer videos serve to be very effective and economical and are always the perfect choice when it comes to marketing.

Choosing a professional explainer video company can always help a business’s marketing aspect. However, this must be done after the thorough examination of the types of videos produced in the past by the video company and if they are really good when it comes to serving the marketing purpose. If there is one thing that will never catch the attention and interest of the audience, it would be bad explainer videos that can result to lesser publicity and reduced revenues.

When creating the explainer video for your business, there 8 important rules that you always have to keep in mind:

This is probably the most crucial aspect that an explainer video company should never overlook. The scriptwriter who prepares the script understands storytelling elements and has the capacity to visualize the story’s flow. It is where you will need the assistance of a professional.

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See to it that complete research is carried out on the service that is going to be marketed. Research is important since this can help implement useful things in the explainer video later on. Aside from that, if there is a similar type of service found in the market, doing some research there can help in finding its flaws and showcasing why the respective service is much better compared to the existing one.

Voice Over
Voice over is yet another essential facet of the production of explainer videos. This is the process wherein a suitable voice that is fluent and has perfect intonation is used to come up with better impact among the viewers. It can greatly help in the process of marketing.

The main purpose of animated explainer videos is to serve the right audience. There is no need to please everyone since this usually leads to the situation neither here, nor there. That is why it is critical to target only the right audience.

It is not a very good move to get caught up with the time limit of explainer videos.

An explainer video company can never rule out proper planning. Aspects such as video content, video placing, budget, right audience and others need to be planned properly in advance prior to the release of the video.

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Proper placing of a video is also vital. Among the most common mistakes done by many companies on placing the video on their About Us page instead of the homepage. This video must catch the interest of viewers the moment they land on your site and this is why it must be found on the home page.

Finally, the video must be put to test. This means testing the video and audio separately before it is released. When everything looks and sounds efficient, that’s the only time to release it.

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