Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Framhouse introduces: Easy, Tasty and Healthy Meal Ideas for Busy Entrepreneurs

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Today’s entrepreneur knows how important it is to follow a healthy diet. Because a healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind and a healthy spirit. Today’s entrepreneur also wishes to balance a busy career with a healthy and happy family. Providing a wholesome, healthy and homecooked meal has become more of a requirement.

But it isn’t always easy, is it? Business, employees, gym, children, homework, housekeeping…….the list of what needs to be done is never ending. When do you find the time to cook a healthy and balanced meal?

Well….you didn’t know, did you? There are some quality recipes and mixes that you can use to make delicious, tasty, nutritious and economical home-cooked meals – in just minutes. Framhouse Inc., has a line of packaged gravy pastes that promise to serve as your own Kitchen Genie. Now you can make a variety of entrees using their three gravy pastes: Makhani Masala; Chole Masala and Rajma Masala.

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Framhouse was born out of a need to improve the taste of everyday vegetarian/vegan cooking while helping busy people and food lovers to make healthy, tasty and aromatic meals that are global favourites. Now you don’t need to buy frozen butter chicken that is full of cream. Now, you can use Framhouse Makhani Masala to make the best butter chicken ever – right in your kitchen and in 5 minutes!

The company promises:
– Authentic, aromatic and delicious flavours as well as a distinctive culinary experience.
– Flavorful, fresh and healthy options for vegans/vegetarians.
– A secret weapon for cooks who can whip up extraordinary dishes that will have people asking for more.

And what we love about the Framhouse website is the way they present each mix with a beautiful and very functional UX. Each product gives you clear step-by-step instructions that will make cooking with them a fun experience.

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Framhouse has also been featured on Edible Long Island – a well-established culinary magazine. To get a sense of Framhouse and the person behind its success – click here.

So if you are looking to jazz up your meals and culinary repertoire; if you wish to provide yourself and your family with delicious yet healthy meals and if you want to do it all – try Framhouse. Visit their Framhouse Shop or Amazon store today.

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Sara Revonia
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