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Gain Online Trust with Your Local Business: 3 Australian Case Studies

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Local or global – which is the best for my business? This is the question, so what is the answer? We have open frontiers and you can probably open a business almost anywhere in the world, operate it from across the ocean and not even be a resident in that country. But believe it or not, we still need local impact. Local businesses are keeping the balance and the community together. From small pastry shops to local supermarkets, real estate agencies and any kind of service or product adaptable for the local market. “The number one rule in business says to identify a need in the market, address it and gain ownership over it. Doing that grants you access to a solid business foundation.”, say local leader in settlements, Stella Settlements.

Why Is the Australian Market Relevant?

According to a 2015 business report, Australia ranks 10 in the “Ease of doing business” global list (source: 200 Global Facts, slide 10). This means that the market is open and welcoming not just for regional entrepreneurs, but also for foreigners looking to launch a startup or relocate their company’s HQ. Real estate particularly picked up in the last two years due to tourism and a wave of foreigners looking to settle in on Aussie land.  Luxury items also ranks among relevant markets, as well as food and beverages, nightlife, coffee shops, pub and bars. All the above work based on local factors. However, a foreigner is a potential lead who can only gain information online before setting foot on land. That is one of the reasons why local businesses need the transparency and advantages of an online brand.

Seems tough, right? Here are three Australian case studies of local businesses who did it the right way in an industry that demands local, but has well adapted from offline to online in recent years: real estate.

Case #1: Riverina Pools

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Riverina Pools is an Australian company that utilizes advanced products and construction techniques developed by the marine industry, by raising the engineering standards in pool manufacturing. Vinyl ester raisins and glass fibre products with a lifetime guarantee make the company’s sales pitch hard to say no to. However, for a physical product, gaining the trust of a customer who cannot see it with his own eyes can be a tricky task. This is how they overcome the barrier and managed to secure the online trust of potential leads.

First, the power of visuals. Nothing beats a high-quality image with the right setting and lighting. Secondly, it’s imperative to showcase an online portfolio, where people can check the description, technical details and contact information to seek additional clarification. Thirdly, updates. Customers want to see the latest developments, not the first tryouts. Update your portfolio constantly. A busy provider means good business flow, which sends the right triggers to your customers.

With showrooms and projects worldwide, Riverina Pools redefined the impact of luxury home improvement as a sub-category of real estate, and is a fine example of things done right.

Case #2: Private Properties

Private Properties is another Australian company that offer short-term rentals across multiple cities and areas on the continent. From a local perspective, it is AirBnB’s direct competitor for the Aussie market. With over 23 years of experience, the company provides a fresh luxurious perspective for short-stay holidays, at a crossroads between real estate and tourism. We could say they have the advantage of current trends, where good visuals and offers can make customers book online, directly. But with so many hotels, resorts and traveling deals, how did they manage to thrive and own the market? The answer is storytelling.

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If you check their blog section, you will be surprised by how delightful it is to read through their articles and advice. Instead of bluntly promoting a service, they promote the beauty of the land and sea. This is a great way to win over the hearts of customers, no matter the distance. Quality images that are in sync with the overall blog message blend in nicely and encourage the reader to “book now”.

Another fine example of how to get people closer to you an ocean away and achieve great results and figures in the real estate industry.

Case Study #3: Grant Elevators

There is nothing ordinary about Grant Elevators, another Australian company active in the home improvement sub-category. With over 50 years of experience, they are Western Australia’s oldest lift company. Main services include design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of service lifts. Their products are highly relevant for the ease of access and productivity around buildings. The portfolio includes items such as dumbwaiters, residential lifts, service lifts and commercial lifts. So what way is there to win over the online trust of not just families, but corporations, factories and facilities?

The answer is an online timeline of 50 years worth of successfully delivered projects, easily accessible online. Customers can click and expand each entry to read more. Each entry contains an explanation for what works best with a specific type of product. A link takes them to the product page where high-quality images are displayed with technical details such as people or weight supported and space measurements. While this will not determine the buyer’s intention, it will influence it in trying the product and experiencing the efficiency, especially in office buildings. This is a great way to tease the client sufficiently enough to gain his trust and to encourage his next call to action.

With these three case studies in mind, do you feel your business can achieve more online, even when physical products still demand the offline? If the answer is yes, then don’t hold back. Visual, social media, blogging, testimonials, portfolio – all these get you closer to your customers. Gain their trust online and it might as well become lifetime earnings.

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