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Grow your small enterprise with free open source software

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Open source software is software that is open to use and modify too. It is also possible to share open source software so that this is accessible publicly by anyone. This software is open, transparent, rapid and collaborative. Open source software has source codes accessible and modifiable by people openly. Software IT sourcing is done both by open source software as well as paid ones. When software has a code that can be accessed only by a team, group, or an organization, it is termed as closed source software or often termed as proprietary. Generally, these are paid versions that do not allow sharing or modification of the code. Although this software has higher security compared to open source but for small enterprise or firm, it is recommendable to use open software sourcing.

Comparison of open source to closed software

Open software provides alternatives to you to grow the business when the enterprise does not have sufficient amount to invest on paid or closed software. It is possible to run and even grow a small business with open source software. The most sold closed source software is Microsoft and this is followed by Apple’s MacOS. Compared to them, Linux though being closed source software, doesn’t have such shares. Though it is modified with Ubuntu, Linux cannot be compared to Windows and macOS. The company usually does not prefer their employees using open source software nor are the employees interested to work with it.

Growing business through open source software

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The companies using closed source software can also take advsoftware; open source software can also work well for them. There is no support available for such free software but this type of software can be downloaded by third party authors who charge very less compared to its original price. They also provide a low budget licensed version which can be used commercially. All one needs to do is run the command. These types of third party software which are open source are extremely useful to grow a small enterprise and support a bigger firm too.

Running a business entirely on open-source software is possible by the following means:

  1. Productivity of open source
    Microsoft support is not required to upgrade open source suites as almost every open source software is compatible with .xls and .doc format of Microsoft. Thus, companies using Microsoft do not require extra permissions.
    Some alternatives to Microsoft are Apache Open Office, LibreOffice, NeoOffice, Calligra.
  1. Financial packages nowadays are also providing open options for commercial packages – Some examples of such open-source software are guncash, turbocash and postbooks.
  2. Open source ERP software – ERP software is complex software but alternative open source to Microsoft Dynamics and SAP exist such as ADempiere, OFBiz and Odoo.
  3. Open source commercial customer relationship management software – Customer commercial relationship management software is available from closed sources like Oracle. But the same software has three alternatives available. They are sugar crm, open CRX, and Fat-Free CRM.
  4. Open source telephone and communication software – At first Private Branch Exchange was only available as a hardware which was very expensive. This Private Branch Exchange was replaced by software based Private Branch Exchange. This had an open-source solution known as Asterisk Software. Asterisknow and Elastix come under Asterisk.
  5. Open source content management system – Content Management system Power websites and many other websites use an open-source platform such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and OpenCMS.
  6. Such like above tools, there are e-commerce tools available too. They also have open-source alternatives like opencart, PrestaShop, ZenCart, etc.
  7. Open source security and network management tools – There are various tools available out there that help to protect your personal computer from getting affected while downloading the open-source software. If you look at the security provided default on a PC, you could miss on a large number of free tools and sources available. Different open source products such as OpenNMS, Pandora FMS, NetXMS, and Zabbix have been tested to make sure that enterprise-grade has good results.



There are coders and professional experts available for developing alternatives for proprietary and closed source products and they give open source solution for people. This open source committee all over the world is available to save time and money of small businesses. Software IT sourcing is becoming easier for smaller companies. It has helped a lot to develop small businesses across the globe. Companies can use the open-source codes for their benefits and save heavy costs of proprietary and closed-source products. It has made the task very easy and stress relieving. Thus, open-source software can be a very high security and reliable alternative to closed solutions.

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Author Bio:
Chirag Thumar as a web programmer at NexSoftSys, leading Software IT sourcing company and the USA. Since more than 10+ year’s experiences. He runs his own company main focus Java-based web application using JQuery, Struts, JSF, node.Js, spring, Ext Js, etc. He Writes about Emergency technology, Java-based frameworks & tools, Innovative quotes, Social Media News and online marketing.

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