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Hand-Crafted Native American Accessories Pay Homage to Nature

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Native American and Indian nation art has never been captured as beautifully as it is in this stunning collection of leather, feathers and fur accessories; the detail of nature’s beauty is magnificently embodied in the craftsmanship of these artisan leather bags, silk wing scarves, headdresses and other accessories. Choose from elegant wing tattoos that are rich with nature’s colors, handcrafted feather wing earrings with extraordinary detail, the primal wrist adornments made from sustainable rabbit, or any of the hand-tooled leather pouches crafted from 100% organic cowhide.

Native American and Indian Nation artisanship has been a long-time favorite as Bohemian accessories; these beautifully handcrafted headdresses and accessories reflect many nations of tribal art, adding a touch of class to any wardrobe. The hand tooling and detail of the individual pieces reflect the quality and homage that is paid to all that is natural.
Native Indian Nation philosophy believes that the Truth does not owe homage to humans but rather that humans owe homage to the Truth. When studied, one comes to believe that everything is related – because everything emanates from one source and everything has a purpose. If you study Mother Nature, you will find self!
At Femme Feralle, the products are 100% handcrafted. Every detail is made by hand by indigenous Mayans that they work closely with in the mountains of Guatemala. The leather is 100% sustainable and humane; The artisans raise the cows, slaughter them, tan the hides, and hand stitch every detail, even cutting each strip of fringe by hand! Even the colors and dyes used are traditional Mayan dyes.
They choose and use indigenous stones, such as jade. Jade is an amulet of good luck and friendship. It signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility, dispelling the negative and encouraging one to see themselves as they really are.

About Femme Ferralle
Visit the website today and start collecting these beautiful Native American accessories. From Navajo to Mayan designs, the selection will keep you coming back for more. They get the inspiration for the products from nature, festival culture, and indigenous art.
Each of the products pays homage to nature. The silk scarves are designed from the heart, to honor the sacred songs and incomparable flight of our bird kin.
Go wild with the sexy and alluring natural henna tattoo wings and take flight.They believe that we are all intricately and deeply connected to the natural world and all Earthlings; these wings can be a portal to experiencing a deeper sense of that connection through embodiment.

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“Aho Mitakuye Oyasin”

Every step involved in the creation of our products is Fair Trade and provides mothers the opportunity to work creatively from home. Shop the products and add the uniquely crafted items to your collection.

For more information, click here to visit the shop at: http://www.femmeferalle.etsy.com

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