Wednesday, July 6, 2022


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I am writing with a heartfelt request for financial assistance. I’m a small business owner trying to lift myself up by the bootstraps by growing a handmade knitwear business I built from the ground up. My life was turned upside down when my mother learned just after retiring that she had advanced mesothelioma cancer. She and I were very close, so of course I was compelled to take care of her as she declined. I lived with her in Connecticut and made her care my primary focus.

When my mom passed, my world was shattered. With my mom gone and with no money left to care for myself, I turned my energy toward building a craft business called Crafts By Kevin. My focus is on making high quality, loom-knitted winter scarves and beautiful, soft crocheted blankets.

I located local markets at which to sell my scarves. The scarves went over very well, and I was able to make enough money to start to build my business. Needing a fresh start, I decided to move myself and my fledgling business to Colorado Springs. I’m ready for healing and renewal, and I find that fresh open air of Colorado Springs and the beautiful mountains to provide just the healing backdrop I need. I also feel that the Colorado Springs market is ready for Crafts By Kevin, and I’d like to sell my products at local markets there.

Unfortunately, most apartment complexes in the Colorado Springs area require proof of annual income, which I don’t have at this point as I grow my small business. With my parents no longer a part of my life, I don’t have a guarantor.

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In order for me to make this move, I need your help. I want to raise $35,000 to pay for my move and for the cost of an apartment as I transition to this new place. I’m calling upon the generosity of individuals and businesses that might be interested in supporting this move so I can start anew and build a successful enterprise. Donations can be contributed via my Gofundme page.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!
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Sara Revonia
Sara Revonia
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