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How to hire a stellar first employee for your start-up

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Are you holding yourself back from hiring the first employee for your startup? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Hiring is an important decision, especially because of the dangers of getting it wrong. Every employee greatly affects the working and ideology of a firm, more so in the case of a startup where coordination is essential. This means that while making a hiring call you have to guard yourself against all possible challenges and work to find the best employee of your needs.

While hiring is often a cause of worry even among long-running multinational businesses, the process has been greatly simplified in today’s time. The paralyzing fear of hiring a flop has passed. This is due to the easy availability of advanced hiring tools, tricks and special recruitment agencies that offer expertise to all business in the currently hiring boat.

Here are some simple tips to help your hire a stellar first employee for your startup.

  1. Potential Is More Important Than Past Success

While it is easy to pick out star candidates by having a look at their previous experiences, this can lead to bad results. In any workplace, particularly a small company, the trainability of a person is important to see whether s/he can adapt to the changing pace and nature of work. In startups, employees are required to a bit of everything, with minimum possible hand holding. So these are the traits to look for in candidates. Set practical questions for them to answer and demonstrate the skill to ascertain these qualities.

  1. Use A Recruitment Consultant’s Help
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Our opinions and perceptions about a person are often guided by unconscious biases that may not have any meaningful grounding in reality. By hiring a recruitment agency you get access to test a candidate’s ability from multiple viewpoints. These manpower consultants perform various checks on the candidate along with interviews and use advanced candidate intelligence to uncover hidden potential and fallacies. This becomes especially important when you are hiring your first employee. Recruiting firms know where to tap to find a candidate for every type of business and their expertise can help a company grow from a lean startup to a multi-national business powerhouse.

  1. Sooner Is Better

Are you wondering what is the right time to hire? Well the general answer depends on the nature of your firm, work amount and budget. But it is always better to hire now than wait endlessly. While single-handedly managing your company in a lean way, you grow accustomed to working alone. However, wearing every hat yourself can lead to frustration and delayed work. It is a good idea to hire a helping hand in such times. Furthermore, every business idea has a window of opportunity or its market moment that should be capitalised on before it vanishes forever.

  1. Rely on Proof Rather Than Instinct

Don’t base the most important hiring decision on pure instinct. According to a study, nearly 40 percent of all job applications and resumes include bogus or inflated facts. Today, candidates have access to a large amount of information. They can practise the correct answers. The unreliable and unsuitable can wear a clean uniform to look reliable and suitable. Check a candidate’s social media profiles and educational background to form a perception of his/her personality. Additionally, it is important to use psychological testing, handwriting analysis, skill and aptitude tests to check for the presence of desirable skills and unwanted behaviour in a person.

While hiring your first employee requires various commitments like to pay salary to your employee, it is essential if you want to remain competitive. With these tricks in hand, you can be on your way to hire the employee of your dreams.

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