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How Site Speed Can Affect Your SEO Efforts?!

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Page speed of a website refers to the amount the page takes to load completely. Page speed depends on a lot of factors and can be optimized as well. Users are more likely to leave a slow website, and Google makes sure to note that. A fast website can convert better.

Why is page load time important for SEO?

Google announced some years ago that it would consider the loading speed of websites when it comes to their ranking in order to provide the best user experience. Of course, Google’s priority will be its users and their experience. If page speed is fast, users are more likely to stay and even come back and revisit your site. Your rankings will be drastically hurt if your website speed is extremely slow. According to Google, only 1% of search results are penalized by the page speed factor.

Page speed not only is important for your ranking, but it also impacts your user experience. Positive user experience will lead to better conversions. If you sell a product, your fast speed website will help customers in understanding what you offer and in completing the order forms. If you generate revenues because of the advertising on your content, fast speed will help the users navigate through the pages, and your overall page views will increase. To learn more about increasing your website’s speed, visit

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How does your website speed affect you?

Your page speed relies on different elements and should be your priority because a slow website can cost you your customers. The smallest decrease in speed can result in a loss of conversion rate because people will leave your website. For example, Walmart decided to increase their speed performances, and the results were surprising. For every 1 second of improvement, there was a 2% increase in conversations. And for every 100 ms of improvement, the incremental revenue grew up to 1%.

Reasons for poor website speed

A cheap web host could lower your website speed. Your web host is what you will pay for. When choosing a web host, think about the size of your business and never compromise on the quality.

  •    If your website has images that are too heavy, it can slow down your site. This could be due to lack of compression, that is why prefer PNG for images that do not need high detail
  •    Videos can impact your website’s speed. Host the videos on your server to gain load time.
  •    Too many ads can have the drawback to slow down the load speed of your page.
  •    A high-designed theme with a lot of effects can also penalize your load page.
  •    Sometimes social buttons and comment areas can impact your page speed.
  •    If your app is using Flash, then it can seriously lower your page speed.
  •    If your HTML/CSS is too dense, it will end up dropping your page speed.

It will not matter how much effort you put in to improve your SEO if your website’s speed is not fast enough. Slow speed can do some serious damage to your site.

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About the Author: Barbara Morgan is a veteran tech writer and editor who has worked in several hosting companies so far. When she’s not fixing typos and tightening sentences, she’s writing her articles for managed web hosting NL provider –

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