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How to Build an Email List from Scratch: 8 Incredibly Effective Strategies

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Building an email list from scratch may seem intimidating, but it’s actually very easy to do. The key is to offer something of unique and interesting value to your website visitors so that you can instantly engage them. With the right CTA (call to action), you can make them curious about what you have to say and offer.

That’s exactly why people subscribe to email lists – to get value. Your visitors may already receive regular emails from brands offering the same products or services as you, but you can interest them if you stand out. A good CTA can make all the difference.

Here are eight of the most effective strategies for building your email list from scratch:

1. Create Irresistible CTA Pop-Ups

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You need to create CTA pop-ups that people can’t help but click. Create a unique design, and provide value by offering a solution for your target audience’s pain points. Show that you’re an expert in the field, and personalize your pop-ups to meet people’s unique needs.

Most importantly, use words and phrases that will truly compel people to click on your CTAs, such as “Get started now”, “Sign up/Enter/Join free”, “Learn/Discover more”, etc. You can also use words and phrases that create a sense of urgency, such as “now”, “limited time”, “today only”.

2. Insert Humor to Make Your CTAs Persuasive

Inserting a bit of personality into your CTAs can help you increase your conversions. Instead of having simple “Yes” and “No” buttons, you can create a copy that people find simply irresistible.

For instance, you could offer people to sign up to your email newsletter to get a guide for helping them improve some aspects of their business. So, instead of offering “Yes” and “No” options, you can have “Yes, send the guide”, and “No, my business is not important.”

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You can also come up with something that really makes people laugh and actually hesitate before refusing your offer. You’ll make people reconsider, and some will still refuse, but many will effectively convert.

3. Create Timed Pop-Ups Surveys

A timed pop-up survey is also very effective when it comes to maximizing conversions. Instead of making your CTAs pop up as soon as someone comes to your website, you should make them appear at the right time.

Wait for a visitor to be invested in your content before offering them to subscribe. But instead of a simple pop-up offering value and asking for people’s emails, why not create a one-question survey?

The University of Alberta increased email subscribership 500% in one year with a timed pop-up survey that appears after 10 seconds of visitors exploring their content. And it’s nothing complicated. You simply either enter your email or click “No, thanks.”

4. Place CTAs on Every Blog or Landing Page

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A lot of your website visitors first see your landing page before any other page on the website. That’s why all your landing pages should have compelling CTAs with copies that address your target audience’s ultimate needs.

You should do the same for every blog page that drives a lot of traffic. But the key is to personalize your CTAs for each blog page because people reading that content are looking for something specific. Offer them a chance to learn more about the topics they find interesting, and you’ll effectively convert them.

5. Create More Personalized Landing Pages

Yet another way to get more email leads and conversions is to create more landing pages. Companies that increase the number of their landing pages from 5 to 10 increase email leads by 55%.

But just like with personalizing your CTAs, you need to personalize your landing pages. You need to appeal to every person visiting your website because each is searching for a solution to their unique needs. A higher number of personalized landing pages can quickly translate to more email subscribers.

6. Place a CTA on Your “About Us” Page

Your “About Us” page is probably the page people visit the most on your website. It’s an introduction to your brand, showing people who you are, and what value you can provide them.

This is why you should use it to generate more leads and conversions. Placing an enticing CTA on this page will encourage your visitors to sign up so that they can learn more about you, and get the value they need.

You shouldn’t put a CTA on this page to compel people to purchase from you. If they’re looking at your “About Us” page, they don’t really know you yet, so you’re unlikely to convince them to buy from you. Stick with a CTA for signing up for your email newsletter, and you’ll hit the bull’s eye.

7. Leverage Social Media

Using social media to build your email list is one of the best steps you can take. Sharing quality content, and communicating with your followers on a daily basis, will help you form strong relationships with them.

So, use all those connections to get more subscribers. Pitch your email newsletter on every social media network you’re using, and encourage people to sign up for more of your great content.

8. Use the Power of Online Quizzes

Online quizzes are also excellent tools for building an email list from scratch. People love taking quizzes. They like it almost as much as they like sharing their quiz results on social media, which can also help you get more leads.

Use an online test maker to create interesting online quizzes relevant to what you offer, or to the topics you write about on your blog. The key is to ask people to subscribe to your email newsletter before you can provide them with their quiz results.

The most important thing here is to provide them with excellent value as soon as they subscribe so that they don’t unsubscribe once they get their results.

Key Takeaways

Building your email list is all about CTAs. It’s about compelling people to take action, and truly engaging them with your brand. Most importantly, it’s about offering them real value, something they can’t get anywhere else.

So, follow these simple steps, and your email list will start growing before you even know it.

Author Bio:

Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He is an expert in learning management system & eLearning authoring tools – currently associated with ProProfs Training Maker.

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