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How to Improve the Speed of WooCommerce Store?

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The retail market has changed considerably due to the advent of eclectic e-commerce websites. There is almost nothing you can get via the e-commerce industry delivered to your doorstep. It has literally revolutionized the everyday life of a user. Finding the right things at the best price with the utmost convenience is the efficiency of this concept that the urban population is using for its immense benefits.

WordPress has been the top of the game for the last few years. It is the perfect content management system that delivers ideal features to the e-commerce ventures. The platform is associated with elegant website formats, plugins, and other intelligent features to make the venture extremely successful. If you play your cards well, an e-commerce platform using this brilliant content management system can pave the way to a great future ahead for the business. To support the emergence of e-commerce in every segment of life, WordPress offers its own platform named WooCommerce. As per the latest figure noted in the year 2018, the WooCommerce users sum up to a whopping number of 39,100,979. Over 2,241,106 websites use the elegance of WooCommerce for smooth functioning of the e-commerce ventures. The most recognized e-commerce platforms using this platform sum up to 28,864. It is worth mentioning that the e-commerce platform is absolutely perfect for all kinds of e-commerce ventures. Over the years, the demand for WooCommerce Development Services has risen to a huge extent signifying the importance and benefits of an online business in this contemporary era.

Tips to improve the speed of WooCommerce store

Research suggests that instant gratification is of utmost importance that an online business should provide to the users. The fast responding websites are always preferred by the users when it takes only 2 to 3 seconds to load. If the time taken to load the content is higher, over 47% of the users will get deflected to a different option available on the internet.

Truth is told, only using a WooCommerce platform will not be sufficient for an online business. The user needs to keep a tap on the raging trends in the market and evolve accordingly. A user will not visit a website twice that takes too long to respond or load. No one will spare seconds to wait as there are multiple options available on the internet to find a product or a service. This is why the website should have a proper response time to keep the users engaged and convert them into prospective leads.

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Here are some tips to make your WooCommerce website more active and faster.

1- Store size

The online stores need to be trimmed so that the entire content is loaded within a few seconds. The size of the store includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS files, images, and other features. If the size of the pages is considerably higher, the time taken to load the pages will be higher too. The leads will have to wait longer so that the elements of the pages’ load fully and the website platform can be used. This is where you should take an initiative and measure the page size and its load speed. There are elegant tools available online which can be used to measure the load speed of your website pages. You can use GTmetrix or Pingdom to calculate the load speed. These online page performance measurement tools will help you to get the insights on performance, load time, page size, server requests, etc. The Expert Ecommerce Developers are the ideal professionals to hire so that you can easily trim down the size.

2- Increase the limit of your WordPress Memory Unit

The default memory allotted for every website in WordPress is 32 MB. This might be the main reason behind the lags your website has been suffering as the limit gets crossed easily. The WooCommerce memory can be enhanced easily by contacting the hosting company catering to your website necessities.

The WooCommerce Development Services & Solutions provided by the hired agency will be able to increase the memory requirement for your website so that your online platform can work relentlessly without feeling the pressure. As the demand rises in the e-commerce world, you will need a better looking website with elegant features such as high definition mages, eclectic templates, etc. Soon enough your website will need a higher memory requirement.

3- Availing top quality hosting services

A top-notch WordPress Hosting service is mandatory for your website’s performance. Hosting is considered to be the foundational architecture that will handle traffic and provide relevant data as per the request from the user’s end.  A high quality hosting service will be capable of handling increased traffic without sowing any bottlenecking. The faster the service the better your e-commerce website responds.

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You will also need 24/7 support from the technical team, cloud-based infrastructure, flexible platform for amending new changes, SSD based storage solutions, etc. These features will also ensure a good performance of your WooCommerce website.

4- Using the right cache plugin

The WooCommerce Plugins Development Services will also provide the ideally customized plugin for your website and the server. Server and browser caching are very important for your online platform to perform. This caching plugin will help to generate your webpage, recalling the format of the webpage faster, and load it quickly on the user’s smart device.

The plugin service is very necessary for the bigger websites to open on the customer’s device. The recommended caching plugins can be easily provided by the e-commerce website developing service you have hired.

5- Compressing multimedia elements

This is one of the best tricks to make your e-commerce page open faster. Compress the multimedia elements used to fabricate your website without compromising the brilliance so that the net page size reduces to a minimum. The website will load faster as the bulky elements will be trimmed perfectly.

6- Wrapping up

Outsource WooCommerce Web Development Company your basic and advanced requirement of an e-commerce website. The service will ensure that you get the ideal web presence for your business along with efficient WooCommerce storefront support.

Author Bio:
Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development companies in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives on raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients. Follow him on @twitter

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