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How To Maintain High Energy Levels At Work

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Energy drinks and boosters are a big business today. Looking at the multitude of herbs, supplements, and vitamins sold in supermarkets and stores, there is more than enough evidence that more and more people are taking these ‘energy boosters’ get the extra energy to keep going at work.  Although there might be very little scientific evidence on the effectiveness of chromium picolinate, guarana, or ginseng, people still take these drinks with the hope of getting some extra energy. You however don’t have to depend on these to maintain high energy levels. Outlined below are nine simple ways to boost energy levels naturally.

1. Manage Stress

Stress not only drains your brain but your body as well. Learning to manage stress by joining a support group, talking to a friend, or even seeing a psychotherapist can help reduce stress levels leaving your feeling energized through the day. Self-hypnosis, meditation, tai chi, and yoga are some of the best stress busters as well.

2. Reduce the Load

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Overworking yourself could be the reason you feel emaciated all the time.  Social, professional, and family obligations can sometimes be too much for your body. Streamlining some of the responsibilities and activities by prioritizing important ones first can help ease the load. Seek help if overwhelmed with work.

3. Exercise

Leading a sedentary life only reduces your body’s efficiency. Working out and putting on some level of activity however keeps the heart pumping, which improves your energy levels significantly. Regular body exercise increases the release of endorphins, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. Simple tasks such as walking or even taking the stairs are a good start.

4. Do not Smoke

Smoking causes insomnia among other health issues. This is because nicotine raises heart rate, blood pressure, and stimulates the brain’s wakefulness even when you need to sleep. Sleeplessness means your body isn’t getting enough rest, a reason you often feel weak in the morning. Quitting the cigarette altogether can however help contain this.

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5. Spend Less Time In Bed

There is a huge difference between going to bed and falling asleep. If you find yourself tossing and rolling in bed, get out of the bed and engage in a light chore, say read a book, or listen to soothing music. Only go to bed when you feel sleepy. Doing this should improve your sleep quality.

If falling asleep is an issue, you should then avoid taking a nap during the day. Be sure to get at least 4 hours of sleep every day, and then start adding several minutes to the same until you can sleep soundly for 6 hours straight.

6. New Mattress

A new mattress can make a big change to you sleep and really be beneficial. Many of us don’t buy a new mattress soon enough and end up sleeping on something that’s just not suited to us and is worn out. A new mattress such as this Walmart mattress can make a big difference and really aid sleep.  

7. Only Eat To Refuel

Experts recommend eating small meals every few hours to keep the body energized. Having more than enough will only cause a spike in blood sugar levels, which causes one to feel sleepy and especially in the afternoon.

Avoid refined foods and foods that are absorbed quickly, but instead, go for low-glycemic foods. Foods high in healthy oils, nuts, dietary fiber, etc. are recommended. This provides your body with a steady supply of energy without overwhelming the system.

8. Use Caffeine Judiciously

Many of us take caffeine to stimulate our brains. While caffeine helps increase alertness, too much of it can cause insomnia. It would therefore be advisable to use caffeine sparingly, and during the morning hours only. Taking caffeinated drinks after 3 p.m. will only make it harder for you to fall asleep at night.

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