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How to make the most of your exhibition space

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As seasoned exhibition stand experts, we know the difference between gaining a high footfall for your exhibition space and really wowing your audience, compared to how tedious it can be to watch each minute ticking past, with aching legs and no potential customers appearing. And with expos happening every week at venues such as London’s Excel, it’s really about standing out in a crowded world. We’re going to share a few of our insights to help you make your investment really worthwhile.

Attracting Customers to Your Stand
Book your space early and be specific about where in the hall or exhibition centre you’d like your stand to be – no-one wants to find themselves placed in a dark corner or a really long walk from the main entrance where footfall is low! Next, start thinking from the ground up: eye level graphics, corner stands digital engagement and branded hanging structures above your stand are all key to your success. Ideally, you want your exhibition space to be among the first that visitors see, in a well-lit area, with great eye-level visuals and some reason for attendees to stop by. Free gifts, interactive stands (for example, consider using beacons), attractive lighting, animations, goody bags, quizzes and celebrities or experts visiting will make all the difference when it comes to attracting and engaging your audience. Remember the media opportunities too; consider setting up a press centre to help you launch a new innovation or product at the exhibition.

Make Your Exhibition Space Work Hard for You
Remember, you are competing with every other stand holder there for your share of the audience, but this doesn’t mean you can’t collaborate with them. Find out who will be next to you and consider contacting them before the show itself, if you can see a way of working together for mutual benefit.
Every detail matters, even how you dress on the day itself – branded T-shirts remind customers which company you work for but wearing a suit might help create gravitas. Think about the impression you want to create and also comfort too, as you’ll be standing there for hours on end.
Look at who is likely to be attending beforehand and send early invites to key stakeholders. If the show is ticketed, you can consider offering free tickets to media or experts you’d like to see in your exhibition space during the show.

Remember that there will be chances to network away from your exhibition space during the show, so look at the schedule of talks and presentations, arm yourself with business cards and make sure you have enough people to staff your stand while you are exploring. Remember to book yourself onto any talks you want to attend before they sell out.

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And it’s OK to enjoy the experience! With the right space, eye-catching stand, latest technology and your experts ready to meet new potential customers, it’s not against the rules to have fun while you make sales.

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Sara Revonia
Sara Revonia
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