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How To Rank Your New Website On Google

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Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimising your website so that it can be found more easily when people are making relevant searches online. When you have first launched your website it can be difficult to get your site noticed among the thousands that already exist. However, there are things that you can do in order to get your website noticed and some of these are explained in more detail below.

Make Sure Your Content Is Relevant

Having content that is unique and relevant is the most important thing that you can do in terms of SEO. Having content that provides real value to the visitors to your site is the most effective way to become recognized as an authority site in your niche. When you are writing content for your website it is best to write naturally with your audience in mind, rather than writing specifically for SEO. You can then go back over the content when it has been written and add emphasis to keywords by italicising them or making them bold.

Make Sure Your Content Is Updated Regularly

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Search engines put a lot of emphasis on good content and it is also very important that you update your content on a regular basis. Content that is updated regularly tells the search engines that your site is still relevant. This also encourages visitors to your site to check back on a regular basis as they know that there will be new information for them to find.

Make Good Use Of Metadata

Metadata is the information that is included between the tags on a page that explains the contents of the page. This description will be displayed on the search engine results page so it is important that it is accurate. If you feel that you may need some help adding this metadata to your site then you may want to consider using a professional company such as Websites That Sell that has experience in SEO for new websites.

Create Internal Links

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Search engines also put a lot of emphasis on the number of quality links that lead back to your site. One way to increase the number of these links is to use internal links within your site. However, you should only include these links when it makes sense to do so. If you put them there just for the sake of it, then this is likely to get your site penalized by search engines. You should also avoid using click here links as these provide very little value to the user. Instead, you should make the link a description of the information that the user will find when they click the link.

Include Alt Tags For All Media

Alt tags are alternative text descriptions and are used to describe any pictures or videos that can be found on your site. This is useful to help your site be found by people that are using text-only browsers. Again, this is something that you may want to get a professional company to help you with if it is not something that you feel confident doing yourself.

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