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How to Select a Perfect Topic for your First Blog

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Guest Post by Aly Chiman @ Alychidesigns

Are you searching for a great topic to start a blog? That’s great. This article is aimed at beginner and yet to be bloggers to help them select a perfect topic for their first blog.

Anyone who has a reasonable understanding of how things work on the internet and can spare some time is either running a blog or thinking to start one. You have come to this article because you are probably trying to get started with your first blog. Let me tell you straight away, its possible and you can do it very well.

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Let’s agree on one thing

Anyone can dream of becoming a blogger and there are lot many options available to get started. But there is no hard and fast rules and mechanisms to help you select a perfect topic.

What should I blog about? 

It is the most difficult questions being faced by hobby bloggers.

Forget about how difficult it is for other people. To make things easier for my readers, I have compiled certain guidelines. Just follow them and make your mind. Believe me, it is easier than you are thinking just keep reading.

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Selecting a Perfect Topic for your First Blog

Your Expertise

This is an important factor which should get the top most priority. Everyone has at least one area of expertise. It may be due to your formal qualification or due to your job or may be due to a long kept hobby etc. You need to just identify it.

Ask yourself:

  • What you are really good at?
  • In which field you have the potential to emerge as an expert?
  • Can you reflect your expertise in words?

The moment you find answers to these questions, you will get some really good indicators. But, If you work in a pharmaceutical factory and have expertise in repairing a machine that plays some role in the manufacturing process of a specific medicine then it does not mean that you make a blog about how to repair this damn thing etc.

There are many other factors you need to consider.

Audience and Potential

Put simply, blogs are made for others to read. Every blog is targeted at a certain audience. Just consider the above example of making a blog about repair works in the pharmaceutical industry and ask yourself following questions:

  • How many people really need to get such information?
  • Will it offer any value to a considerable group of people?
  • Would it be interesting to discuss?

When you will get a straight No in every answer, you will automatically realize that it’s not only the area of expertise. What matters most is the potential audience. So you need to keep following things in mind about the topic you select.

  • Must have the potential for a huge audience.
  • Offers valuable content to masses.
  • Your written articles solve real-life problems.
  • People from different age groups and locations are likely to develop interest.
  • Already active community including
    • Dozens of similar blogs
    • Dozens of discussion forums
    • Heavy presence on Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest)

Widen your horizon and don’t be too specific. Don’t write for few hundreds or about millions.

Money Making Factor

The majority of people start a blog for passive income. So while selecting the topic we must consider its effect on monetization aspects. Every niche has its own potential to earn money. Following are the most valuable money making niches.

  • Finance and Insurance
  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Making Money
  • Internet Services
  • Technology
  • Gadgets and Reviews
  • Entertainment
  • Sports

Make sure that your selected topic falls in one of the above categories or you will have a hard time getting on your feet.

Listening to Your Inner Voice

Lets say you selected a topic that is the area you are expert in, there is huge audience available, it has enormous potential to make money and everyone around you really appreciates the idea. But if you ask your heart, the silent answer is I dont feel excited about it and dont wanna go with it then immediately stop. Despite all the favorable conditions, you are sure to fail.

The route where your inner voice is not going to follow you is not meant for you don’t go there.

In simple words, you need to select a topic that you really love. A subject you feel pleasure in talking about or it is something you really want to go a long way with.

Let me give you my example.

2 years ago, I started a blog about Construction Engineering. Since I hold a sort of formal qualification in the subject, so I was very sure that I will be able to make something awesome. I devoted more than 1 year but never achieved what I aimed for. Though it has more than 35000 visitors every month and I am making a considerable passive income from it but I can never call it something I loved, not even near to it. Even after publishing 300 articles on it, I could not really sync my heart and mind and I would classify it a failure.

There are two main reasons for this failure. One is that I never wanted to attach myself to the construction industry and second is that it has no active community or audience available. It took me many years to reach the conclusion that I must make a blog like the one you are reading because I love WordPress and have expertise in Cyber Security.

So these are the mistakes I need you to avoid.

Confused? Read this

You cannot and you should not, take everything mentioned above as a sure solution. You have to strike a balance. Scenarios, interests and priorities are different for everyone. You have to carve your own way.

and Remember one thing

Irrespective of the topic you choose for your blog, the success ladder is always available for you to climb. At worst, you’ll have to put in some extra efforts but no one can stop you from being marvelous!


The only thing you need to do is to strike a balance. Find a topic where you can prove your talent, that interests you and has a considerable potential to grow in future. It will help you select a perfect topic for your first blog. But before you make a long-time commitment, must discuss it with other bloggers or may be your friends. Never hesitate to quit your idea. Its better to do it on first indication or you will come to the same very conclusion after wasting lot of time.


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