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How To Select A Recruiter

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Choosing a recruitment company for your business can mean considering a lot of things – this post aims to help.

Do The Homework
To pick out an agency recruiter, make sure you do your homework when you evaluate candidates. One place to check is their LinkedIn profile to learn more about what they’ve done in the past. Is there anything they have done in the past that has to do with the work you need to be done? Do they show off their experience like what they told you about when you talked with them?

Treat Them As Candidates
You want to interview recruiters like you’re going to employ them. Ask them if they have candidates for the position in their databases already. How are you going to find and figure out who should be a good candidate for my position? Will you let me be kept in the loop about the candidates and their statuses? How much time will you take to fill my position?

Does The Recruiter Have Much Experience?
If you want to recruit for skill sets that are hard to fill, you need to find candidates that are best suited to this kind of work. Recruiters that are experienced have spent a long while setting up their candidate networks. You don’t find these kinds of candidates on job boards because they don’t have a need to post a resume. You want to hire an agency recruiter because they have access to candidates that nobody else does. That is worth more than a few dollars per hour for a candidate because it costs thousands to hire someone to be permanently be placed in a position. It won’t take as long to fill positions and the candidates will be of high quality. These are two very important aspects of hiring someone and you can’t work with them without an experienced recruiter’s help.

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Look Over The Terms
A lot of the time, recruiters, and their agencies are tight when it comes to doing contracts for talent procurement and similar things. Good recruiters are going to be able to move quickly through the process so you can find and keep good talent. You don’t want to work with a recruiter that has a bunch of bad terms that people don’t want to work with.

Figure Out A Firm’s Past
When you want to get permanent and strategic placements you need to think about the track record of a firm and what kept it afloat. When did the firm most recently fill a position? How far does the firm’s reach go within their network? Do they have a large database? Do they update their candidate records often and rework their funnels regularly? Are they able to access candidate networks that are passive? What strategies are used by the firm to figure out where fresh talent is? For example, look at why Orion was hired here.

Let People Know What You Want
Agency recruiters are like salespeople and a good one is going to listen to what you need and find a good fit for you. An employer has to know, however, what they need so they can let an agency recruiter know. Your ideas of what are intermediate skills may not be the same as someone else’s. You have to communicate what you want exactly in a candidate.

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