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Welcome to the future of Social Networking! Take a moment and imagine all the top Social Networks and visualise how they look, and function. Now imagine all the top Search Engines and how they connect us to products and product to us. Combine the Social Networks & Search engines and you will understand one of the many key ingredients of IMYPATH.

This rapidly evolving Social Network grows as more and more users join and engage our many unique features. By design this causes the network to essentially get smarter! The technology in our network is going to disrupt the tech community in less than a year. It is estimated that by 2017 our network will be positioned to be a major platform and compete against traditional social networks and search engines.

IMYPATH was built from infancy to be the best Social Networking platform and solve complex problems that have caused major setbacks in the social media community. As problems were being solved behind the scenes our network has created the perfect atmosphere for the cautious user. It will become obvious to new users, the innovative capabilities introduced into the network when they first log in and as they continue to navigate through the platform they will continue to see more and more solutions to problems that they are all too familiar with.
One : IMYPATH does not data mine user information and has unique ways to advertise that are unlike any other platform in the world.
Two: IMYPATH allows users to “Ghost Profile” which means a user can stay actively engaged on our social network & search engine without being seen by another user. This first time ever feature allows users to choose when they want users to interact with them or not while maintaining their account.
This in the simplest terms mean a user does not have to deactivate their account when they want to get away from social media, they can simply ghost their profile and turn off ghost when the decide to continue the social media experience.
Three: IMYPATH has unique “Love it & Hate it” features on a post which will change the way users interact with content that may or may not have just one reaction, unlike other social networks. As this feature is the main feature it is anonymous and does not use too many interactions as that would be a huge distraction as seen on other social networks. Think about it , how many people actually want to see 8 different reactions to every single post , that is a clear overreach on other networks and is not what users want. We solved this problem by making some of our interactive features anonymous. This allows users to be actively engaged without automatically being noticed for something they did not want to be noticed for. Our Network has found a way to make social networking useful for multiple different personalities and well as multiple ages.

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It’s easy to sign up; think up a screen name, provide an email address and birthday plus a couple of category choices to get you started. Once logged in, members can search and ‘support’ people in any of the vast array of categories. They can comment on and rate posts or images, and see which posts have been rated by others. Our network comes with both audio and video functions as well as the ‘status’ field for the beloved Facebook users. Users can rate the profiles of other users in addition to their posts.

Let me further break down a unique selling point of our social network.

On our Social Network users can choose to follow people specifically by interest, rather than just because another user has followed them. In that way, IMYPATH has positioned itself as somewhere between traditional social networks and a search engine with a social platform.

For example, a chance meeting in real life could be in many different situations, environments, locations and or in a professional setting. IMYPATH provides the connection or to be more specific the platforms in which the connections can be made. We connect people together through their interest. This means users can meet users in the very categories they are posting too or creating!

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These types of interactions will occur naturally and simulate chance meetings in their every day life. Think of the many possibilities of communication with someone who just happens to like what you like , or someone in a category posting or talking about what you are interested in. For example, an Art Student joins our network instead of just having a profile she can actively find and engage with other Art Student, Art Professors , Art enthusiast etc.. there are many possible combinations. This Art Student has the ability to grow their supporters and networking and create the perfect atmosphere for this Art student.

Now having this type of access isn’t limited to just Art but everything that can be categorised. The Art Student can choose to engage with different or multiple different categories of interest from an unlimited amount of options. No other social network comes close to providing this unique capability as their platform are based on closed group networking which means someone has to search for you to find you or have a following before they get to their network. Essentially users are bringing the user to their networks. IMYPATH does the opposite, our network brings people to the users. These people are people that the user wants to see or hear from. In this way, you can interact with people and build a following from our network. Our Network is perhaps closest to a Hybrid between Google & Multiple other Social Networks. It has so many unique features it is hard to describe with just one platform. For instance, our network allows users to register unique names similar to the process for a domain name except on our network its free and will be exclusive to the user. This is in addition to the user’s profile.

It would take me days to describe every single feature of IMYPATH but you can simply see for yourself!

IMYPATH is available via our website also via Apple App store and Android Play Store just type in IMYPATH to get started!

Mark Alonzo Alexander Founder & CEO of IMYPATH
Mark Alonzo Alexander
Founder & CEO of IMYPATH
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