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Insights from Spiritual Leader, Sri Chinmoy – How to Find Calm in a Chaotic World

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Are you stressed, overworked, and burned-out? If so, you’re normal, but life never used to be this way. Most people worked hard. They knew how to relax too, though, and they got plenty of sleep. Now life is hectic, and if you aren’t on the go, everyone thinks you’re lazy or have no aspirations. Too much hustle and bustle, however, is–and there’s no getting away from it–detrimental for your health. You need peace and calm amidst the chaos.

Here’s how to feel tranquil even if you’re super-busy.

Create a peaceful haven.

You aren’t in control of much of your environment, but you can take charge of your personal surroundings. Your car, home, and garden are your domain, and you can shape them as you please. If you’re rushed off your feet, you might have let the environment you command develop into a practical, yet depressing combo of needs must lifestyle tools and belongings you barely have time to use.

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Clear away junk and goods you rarely pay attention to and streamline your space. Clutter-free surroundings bring instant peace of mind because you, as a human, are a visual being. What you see influences your emotions and behavior. Looking at a messy, uncomfortable environment each day heightens stress.

Make your surroundings pleasing to the eye and comfortable for the body. As a result, the chances of you beginning and ending the day in a good mood will increase. Add a few items to enhance a sense of calm as well. Scented candles at home and soothing aromatherapy oil in the car will lift your spirit. Soft cushions and colors you enjoy will also lighten your temperament and help you feel great.

Recognize calm is an inside job.

Once you’ve tackled the physical areas you can control, it’s time to manage your mental environment too. Calming tools like lavender oil and gentle music are simple triggers for a peaceful mindset; the real work occurs inside you.

Do some research and follow the lessons of well-known spiritual leaders like Sri Chinmoy or Dalai Lama who share their beliefs about peace and love.

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Your thoughts and attitude make a huge difference to how tranquil and balanced you feel. Meet a fellow driver with road rage when you are already blue, and the event will make your mood plummet deeper into despair. Then again, maybe stress makes you angry, and you’re the one who’s likely to be short-tempered as you drive to and from work along busy roads.

You can take the reins and teach your mind to be calm, though, even in challenging circumstances. When you have a gentle mindset, traffic, difficult people, and a heavy workload won’t worry you.

Meditation and deep breathing are terrific teachers for calming and controlling your emotions.   Sri Chinmoy practiced the following breathing exercises to achieve a sense of calm:

“Each time you breathe in, try to feel that you are bringing into your body infinite peace. When you breathe out, try to feel that you are expelling the restlessness within and all around you.

After practicing this a few times, try to feel that you are inhaling power from the universe. When you exhale, feel that all your fear is leaving your body.”

Yoga and tai chi are beneficial techniques to practice as well. Also, walks in the country among nature and laughter have the power to alter your brainwaves, so you are calm and happy. Experiment and find the best practices for you and use them daily.

The world is chaotic, but that doesn’t mean you must follow suit. Whether you’re under pressure or just want to relax more, you’ll benefit from assuming responsibility for your environment, both outside and inside you. 

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