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Interview Abishiekh Jain, Owner of Hackers Den

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Abishiekh Jain
Abishiekh Jain


1- Tell us a bit about yourself and how would you describe Hackers Den in under 60 words
Hey! guys am Abishiekh Jain From Chennai, a student/blogger/programmer/rapper and online marketer. Founder Of Hackers den, Was born on June 30, 2000. Who knows, a boy who was not even able to face someone now could face the whole world! I was born and brought up in Chennai. Am still a student who is studying in eleventh.
Hackers den was Founded on May 10, 2014.My website HACKERS DEN is a web page loaded with tips and tricks, How to make money online, How to be successful blogger and much more, actually HACKERS DEN is a multi-niche blog I came into blogging field with a point of giving free tips to individuals and how to be a successful blogger.

2- Hackers Den is a huge success. How did you accomplish this in such a short amount of time?
Actually just had an idea! And we executed.As the proverb goes, “Patience Bears Good Fruits“ And We got good fruits indeed! Haha. Is it a huge success? Nope, a Long way to go!
But anyways it is a huge success for me! I got fame, achievements, respect, popularity from it.
Without Hackers Den, am Incomplete.I Accomplished this by obvious hard work! Like Used to sit in front of my computer for more than 8 hours a day, not playing games but learning programming and hacking. And due to this my academic performance was very dull but anyways only because of this I Am getting Interviewed Here! haha ..So I accomplished all these by hard work, passion and dedication.

3- Could You say how you built Hackers Den? What challenges you faced?
It was a long journey. I faced criticization even from one of my friend. okay, I will say you how Hackers Den Was Born.When I was in 7th std I informed a page on facebook with respect to go along with them ! they put forth a couple of inquiries and acknowledged me as an editor! I served their page and site for around a year and got a decent acknowledgment! What’s more, remarks on me! so I thought it was an awesome begin (I think)! Subsequent to being as an editor for one and half years for them! I believed that I have learned practical things! So I began my own particular page and website Hackers Den On May 10 2014with 0 preferences and supporters! I did a lot of mistakes and still I do a lot of mistakes. Some of them are very silly and some of them are really very serious. But I think mistakes are so essential to learn something very unique. I faced many obstacles like.
I used to commit errors while writing, grammatically, which I’ve definitely worked hard on having redressed myself on it and now my written work is superior to my past posts nearly. I didn’t know anything about SEO which was another enormous issue, didn’t know how to design a blog and the most serious issue I am confronting till now is my tight timetable. There were numerous individuals who helped me and guided my direction.

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4- What Is Your daily schedule? How You maintain Hackers Den as well as your school?
I feel that this is a very good question. Well, I tried so hard to maintain my daily schedule but I can’t manage everything. Like I said you I just completed my 10th standard now So I have got some time in my summer vacation but in normal school days it’s a bit difficult for me to publish for my blog in a daily manner. I need to stay more than 8 hours daily at the school and I hardly got time at the evening. but then too I found my way to post one article every day in my blog at night. even if I fail in writing one blog post.I have my authors who take care of writing so no need to worry.I have learned how to maintain my school life and my social life.

5- What do you do in your leisure time?
I do rapping, well yeah I compose my own songs and rap them. And I do several other things like clarifying people doubts and reading blog posts/ books etc and sometimes completing my school assignments! hah.

6- Are there any SEO tactics that you think are overrated? Underrated?
There are many SEO tactics which I think it is overrated I will List Some of them-:
Mass directory submission
If you have a website or search Google, I am sure you have seen those ads for submitting a website to 1,000 directories for $99.99. They claim that you can get hundreds of “high quality” backlinks for basically no work. This is not a good tactic, especially for new sites. It can hurt your link graph and be a signal to the search engines that since you are receiving a large number of low-quality links, your site is a low-quality website as well.
Keyword stuffing
Keyword stuffing does not just happen in the body copy of a website. It can also happen in the title tag, meta keywords tag, or links. This does not help a site rank better, it is a poor user experience, and it can have a negative effect on rankings.
Paid links
There is an ongoing debate about the value of buying links through link brokers or sites like text link ads. Google specifically says it violates their website guidelines. Personally I don’t feel this is a long-term strategy and holds a high risk of being devalued or getting your site penalized. About a year ago I contacted one of the big link buying sites to do some tests around paid links and found that if I told them I had a large amount of money to spend and told them the niche I wanted to target with my links, they would send me a spreadsheet of all the websites I could buy links on. You’re crazy if you don’t think that Google has done this same thing and then gone through and devalued those sites from passing ranking metrics.
And many more are there!

7- What Are Your upcoming projects?
I have many upcoming projects for 2015 they are
V4U Site -: Am the owner of this site ! it is a site maintained by me and Ravindra Solanki (The Co-Founder). With a group of more than 5 individuals, we began this. V4u is a service site. Where we offer services like logo designing, android app development, software developments and much more at a price! Expected launch on July 2015
Enigma E-learning site-: Enigma e-learning is a site where my little group will show individuals about programming/promoting/SEO/and stuff like that! Expected Launch in 2015
White Hat World -: Co-founder
This Site based on Some Stuff to make India A Hub Of Tricks
Techanians -: As the name says Its all about tech ! all tech related news ! (Launched ) -: A Blog about blogging. (Launched)
Thinking of designing a social networking site.
Am currently Working On these 7 projects including Hackers Den! Hope it is also a success like hackers den

8- What Is Your Formula to Success?
My Success Mantra is If you want to live a better life than live it in your own style, not
as other want you to. And Even help your enemy like your brother

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9- What are some of the most common mistakes you see bloggers make, both the small businesses and enterprises?
There are many mistakes I see people who are starting a new blog or even a established blog.
I will list three common #BloggingMistakes made
Blogging Mistake #1: You write purely for SEO
Writing exclusively for Google will bore the boots off your readers. If you’re only writing for robots, then you might be wasting human time. Your readers aren’t interested in regurgitated keywords that exist for crawling robots.
Don’t allow Google to turn you into a keyword processing machine. Don’t allow Google to kill your creativity.
Always write for your audience first, then optimize for a search engine.
Blogging Mistake #2: You edit your posts in less than five minutes
Are you a super-writer who writes almost impeccable posts in one go?
Most of us can’t even edit in one go. Consider at least four rounds of editing:
• Review the flow of the post. Can you remove any paragraphs without impacting your story or argument? Does each paragraph naturally follow the paragraph before it?
• Take out the funny asides that aren’t funny or aren’t relevant.
• Polish each sentence. Cut overly long sentences in two; replace difficult words with simple ones; and cross out redundant words.
• Correct any grammar or spelling mistakes
The more effort you put into editing, the easier your post becomes to read. Your message becomes clearer, and your readers will be grateful.
Blogging Mistake #3: You don’t show your personality
Let’s be honest.
Hundreds — maybe thousands — of bloggers write about exactly the same topic as you. What makes you different? What makes you stand out?
When you share useful tips without letting your personality shine through, you become interchangeable with any other blogger in your niche. You become a “me-too” blog, a commodity.
How can you let your personality shine through and increase the value of your blog posts?
• View topics from a fresh perspective
• Present arguments to suggest an opposite approach to what most people believe is right
• Share your personal experiences to guide your readers
• Entertain with your unique sense of humor
• Develop your own blogging voice that speaks strongly to your tribe
• Share a glimpse of who you are to bond with your audience
Your personality, your experiences, and your voice make your posts unique. Your readers don’t just come back for more useful tips. They engage with you because of who you are.

Your readers don’t need another blog post.
Your readers don’t need even more tips.
What your readers need is you — your wisdom, your ideas, your unique stories on chosen area of expertise.
Never take your readers’ attention for granted. Their time is precious. Use it wisely.

10- A last Word?
At last I want to say to all your readers that blogging is not walking in a park You will get good and bad times.You will get the achievement in the event that you do diligent work. I don’t like people who start blogging for a cause like they blog for some days and then stop blogging just because they don’t get money and traffic! why I mean why. You should Focus on your content rather than focusing on your traffic! So My advice to new bloggers is like don’t quit if you don’t get traffic! Start posting some quality stuff and you will get a decent amount of traffic. Remember This quote of mine You Should Blog to Express, Not To Impress! … Even I started from zero!
Take a step forward every day and you will reach your destination! You can’t achieve anything in this world without dedication! And One more thing doesn’t get into some cheat sites claiming you will get 1000sof $$$$ They can cheat you! So my advice is to stay out of this or you may land up into in some big problem ! so don’t be a victim of online fraud or cheat… it will tempt you but don’t do it! You should be punctual in your work.Make a task list of your day’s work and work accordingly. Plan for the best. Hope for the best.
Don’t get upset if you are unsuccessful in driving traffic. Try hard and you will get your success on your foot. Don’t be sad. I Hope Best wishes to new bloggers and god favor them with everything their needs! If you need to clarify any doubts just ping me on facebook .

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