Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Interview with Alex Radulescu, Professional Binary Options Trading Specialist and Binaryorders Founder

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1- Hello Alex, can you please tell us a little about you?

First of all, thank you for the opportunity of this interview and for the interest of your website in the financial field. My name is Radulescu Alexandru and I have been a professional trader since 2005. During these 13 years, I have had a wonderful journey full of professional satisfactions but it has also been a journey full of lessons, mistakes, effort, interruptions and comes back.

2- You are considered as one of the best binary options traders in the world. How did you achieve this performance and what made you reach the top?

I’ve always considered myself to be the best, both me and my team or teams I have worked with along the way. I worked very hard for everything I developed and we had the courage, o be honest and sincere in an industry invaded by persons that sell stories to their clients, only based on their personal financial interests. I chose the most difficult road, I chose to tell my clients that there is shortcut towards success. It implies a lot of work, ambition, and discipline.
These factors led us to the top, both us and our clients that obtained amazing results. Everybody contributed to the success, starting from the community that supported us to the persons that sustained us along the way, Larry Akpa, Lisa, Alex Bobes and many others. Felix Roata who is my partner had an enormous contribution for everything that binaryorders currently means and he still has today.

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3-  Can you tell us more about “Binaryorders”?

Binaryorders is currently the most upgraded financial service that offers its clients a comprehensive training package, starting with the daily webinars where the members learn to analyze the financial market and trade at the same time, the most performant current indicators for trading with binary options at 60 seconds and 5 minutes, a forum where we analyze various cases and strategies, the telegram groups where we also communicate, a package of over 300 training webinars, signals offered on the android applications, hundreds of study materials and many other copy trading systems, trading robots, etc.
But above all, binaryorders represents a wonderful and united family.

We are aware that lately there have been certain issues related to brokers and Cysec regulations that restricted some of the affiliates’ rights and also some types of instruments offered to traders for trading. One of the dnv indicators, as well as the webinars, are held with respect to transactions at 60 seconds, which are to be forbidden by Cysec.

4- How do you think this fact will influence the market of binary options and binaryorders?

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This fact implies may aspects and this question needs a larger approach, but I will try to provide the shortest answer possible. The Cysec regulations are welcome as long as they are intended to help the clients and protect the investments they make. It is necessary to close many of the unregulated brokers due to possible frauds they were involved in. What I don’t understand however is the aspect related to the affiliates that really offered profitable and honest services for their members. Binaryorders is such a service that has to suffer due to the wrongdoings of those who misused this financial instrument.
Actually, we are the only ones in the world that have currently clearly proven by means of the webinars registered during one year, by more than 4000 signals offered in real time during the training sessions, that the binary options at 60 seconds are profitable on the long term, as long as the trader knows what he/she is doing. Thus, beside the world record of live webinars at 60 seconds, we also hold the clear proof that they were wrong and that the binary options at 6 seconds are every profitable.
I hope Cysec will take this fact into account in the future. Anyway, no matter what happens, binaryorders will still be the most powerful and professional financial service of binary options.

5- What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working on your last projects?

Always the most difficult thing is to make people treat professionally what they want to do. Many think they will become millionaires overnight after several hundreds of dollars invested.
This is the result of those who promote false illusions related to these financials services to those who are not experienced in the financial sector. There is no easy way towards success.
When people understand this, then the most beautiful phenomenon possible occurs and the efforts of our work are visible. You become a professional trader when you understand that there is no shortcut towards success in trading. And the longest distance in the world starts with the first step, according to a Chinese saying.

6-  Where do see yourself in the next 5 years?

I project based on a strong moral the final destination even when I am at the beginning of the road. I get there no matter the target.

7- What can you tell young internet traders who are pursuing their dreams?

To understand that there is no shortcut towards success. Trading, as many other types of jobs, has a structure fundamentally identical to a building, a house. Without a strong foundation, the building collapses by the action of its own weight. The foundation is the basis of any prosperous future.

8- The last word or final thoughts?

Good luck to all those who want to start the fascinating world of trading and I invite you to visit!
I wish you all the best!
Also contact me using skype: binaryorders

You can connect with Alex by visiting:
Facebook Group

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Noelle Elia
Noelle Elia
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