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Interview With Diana Rangaves, Full-time Writer, Editor, Award-winning Teacher and Pharmacist

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1- Hello Diana, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, by career I am an ethics professor pharmacist turned writer and use the powers for good.

The Rosy Posy Papillion children’s series, one-hundred percent of the author’s royalties benefit PapHavenRescue.org.

Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation benefits from 100% of my royalties for the growth educational books Escape into Excellence and Embrace Your Excellence.

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Uncover: The Ethical Hacker
Discover: Diana Rangaves

2-       What are your focus areas and why?

There are several and ever growing.

The children’s series, “The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion”,  and the growth educational books, Medicine Child’s Play, Escape into Excellence and Embrace Your Excellence. They each serve a purpose, are unique, and have a special place in my heart.

There is the series, Medicine Child’s Play. The first one is Medicine Child’s Play ~ The Sensitive Brain. It explains depression, anxiety, psychosis, and bipolar disorder in easy language with bright illustrations. It is for all ages who would like an understanding of these conditions.

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Connecting medicines to stories allow us to understand what is really happening. It allows us to learn, to remember, to better accept our self, others, and the situations around us. In addition, we have the ability to create win-win situations by giving whatever we are dealing with what it really needs. We can shape and respond to our world, which makes life a lot easier, more pleasing, and more fun.

3- Can you tell us about your book “Adventures of Rosy Posy: Friendship”?

The real Rosy Posy Papillion inspired the series. We need a tool to teach each half generation of children values in a relevant, fun, and bright way.

I am a foster mom for Pap Haven Rescue and Rosy Posy came up for adoption. About one month after she arrived, she escaped into my field. I found her safe visiting with the pony, ram, and goats! Rosy Posy is strong, curious, and has courage.  There is a Rosy Posy Club website where children can follow a treasure hunt and earn a Rosy Posy Bookmark. https://rosyposy.club/

4- Where do you think your books are making an impact?

Think of a pebble in a pond. The ripple effect is there and we shall see.

5- What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working on the book?

None. The book is pure.

6- Can you tell us about your writing style?

The ideas, thoughts, and writing come as a download into my brain. Words pour through my fingertips as if someone else is writing. I love that feeling when you are in spirit! I am one of many vehicles to get the messages out.

7- Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Wherever God wishes me to be.

8- What can you tell young parents who are interested in raising great kids?

Persistence. Never ever give up!  In anything in your life, if you feel you are being pulled, pushed and guided, follow the yellow brick road!

9-  What are you most excited about at the moment?

I am actively working on a series, the Ethical Hacker ~ Acidemia a political suspense thriller novel, involving the politics of power at a college campus. Foundation fraud, discrimination, cover-ups, and greed leading all the way up to the Chancellors’ and Governor’s office. Also, the Ethical Hacker ~ Verdict a criminal suspense thriller novel, wish we could say more! There is an excerpt on the website; https://theethicalhackerblog.wordpress.com/

10-   The last word or final thoughts?

Make the first move.

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