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Interview with Eddy Perez, Entrepreneur & Inwood Bar and Grill’s General Manager

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1- Hello Eddy, can you please tell us a bit about you?

Hello, my complete Name is Eddy Perez, I am from the Dominican Republic, but I grew up in Venezuela, I’m living in New York City for 9 years I have 7 children which I love and they are the engine, the motivation to work every day.
I consider myself as a seller a good one professionally talking but the two times that I went to the university I studied computer science and political science as you could see something totally different, but that is me. As a teenager was the shy young guy that could speak and in public or interact properly.

As en adult is imperative, a talk active persons, a very sharp negotiator, and a creative main, where my main hobby is to create business ideas to play with, I started my first business  back in my country in 1996  a Computer Repair store, later Acps Multimedia in a partnership  with Steve Lalanne, the main purpose of this corporation was to create  Interactive Courses,  I used to travel  all around the world participating in trades shows to sell my products the experience developed in that  project the marketing expertise brings me to what I am  right now. A multifaceted marketing guy who learned the Restaurant business from scratch as the busser, server, bartender you name it. In order to materialize his own project, Inwood Bar and Grill.

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2- What are your focus areas and why?

.. when we talk about my focus areas, I could mention the ones from the business standpoint. My focus areas right now are food cost and marketing expertise. Nowadays restaurants business is affronting new challenges every time, merchandise prices are getting up, wages on its highest ever, State taxes, Sanitation Department, and the summons that you have to pay.  why?  Because I deeply believe that a Restaurant Owner who doesn’t actualize their knowledge about these two principles could be out of business in no time.

3- How do you describe your “Inwood Bar and Grill” in few words?

Inwood Bar and Grill is for everybody is the most spectacular sports bar of all upper Manhattan, is a Night Club, a Restaurant and also an Event Hall venue. Inwood Bar and Grill has a big and beautiful outdoor patio. In short is an All in one place concept.

4- Where do you think your work is making an impact?

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If I could mention not where but why my work is making an impact the answer is love, when you love what you do, when you appreciate your customer and works and create for then, when you serve your customer and put yourself in their place then all your decisions will be the best ones and you will impact your market and outperforms your competitors.

5- What is the biggest challenge you encountered while working to launch your restaurant?

Before this place was Inwood Bar and Grill, it used to have another name, with a bad reputation, it was extremely difficult to convince people of the city to come and try again, my strategy was to design a marketing plan to bring new customer to the table, pleased them with the best food and service around and wait for the word of mouth. After 3 months, thank god we made it.

6- What the word “Food” means to you?

You could google the world food or go to the dictionary and you will find a cold definition like is everything that you could eat or drink to support your life but for me food means more, passion, perfection and love when got this kind of feeling when you know that food is the art and the science of making people feel happy, satisfied and pleased. 

7- Where do you see the restaurant in the next 5 years?

Well, this is a top question, personally, I visualize a more mature Inwood Bar and grill with the strongest concept. It will be a destination for the customers out of the city of New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Boston my marketing focus right now is to bring people from another city and state around us. The main idea is 1 to increase my customer base, 2 to increase the transaction value per customer and, 3 increase the numbers of transactions per customer. In a revenue scenario, I could estimate 6.6 million per year.

8- What can you tell young entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dreams?

Honesty, discipline, knowledge, and modesty are the four columns of a leader, all this combined with hard work, and financial education. I could tell them go for it!!

9- What are you most excited about at the moment?

Right now I put a marvelous idea out there, we created the most inexpensive lunch special of upper Manhattan, The 5 Dollar Lunch. I enjoy to create deals with value for the community more than make any money from this offer, I enjoy when regular’s workers go to my place at noon happy because they are saving more than $200 dollars in lunch per month.

Our lunch special is a win-win situation what makes me very happy, my customer saves, and we are their favorite spot.   

10- The last word or final thoughts?

Thanks for choosing me, thanks for giving me the opportunity to be in your magazine and thanks for distinguishing my work, was hard at the beginning a lot of people betting to your failure, but god knows what he does, thanks to Maria Figueroa and the person who make me take this opportunity.

To know more about the restaurant, connect on social media too:

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