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Interview with JINXSPR0, Creator, Artist and Music Producer

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1- Hello JINXSPR0, can you please tell us a bit about you?
Hello, my name is Melvyn – the guy behind JINXSPR0, I am a 19 years old music producer, Online Video Creator and YouTube partner. I am originally from Indonesia but right now I am studying in a college near the bay area.

2- What are your focus areas and why?
Currently, my main focus as an artist is producing content for YouTube (both Music and Video) and share my work on the platform. The main reason why I prefer to share my content on YouTube is that it’s the largest media streaming site on the internet, I can reach a wider audience on YouTube rather than any other platform at the moment.

3- What influences your work? What makes you want to wake up every morning and make music?
In 2013, there wasn’t any YouTube channel that promotes/uploads Electronic Music in Indonesia, I was the first channel in Indonesia that uploads indie EDM artist on a daily basis for several months until one day my channel got a strike from a record label for uploading one of their artist’s music on my channel. Because of that, I removed most of my music content on the channel and learn about the online copyright laws to avoid getting another strike. Because of that incident, I was motivated to make my own music and post in on YouTube. My very first release on YouTube was not doing well, the video did not reach a huge audience. Due to that, I deleted my first release on all online stores (iTunes, Play Store,…) and start working on a better song. I make music almost every day because the more I understand about the program, the better sound I produce- resulting in better releases.

4- What should people expect when meeting you in person?
In person, I am a totally different guy. I am a bit socially-awkward and hard to start a conversation myself. My English is also not that good because I learn it mostly from Video Games and Movies. But I am a fun person in a smaller group, some consider me as a funny and kind person, yeah I’d take that compliment!

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5- Where do you think you are making an impact?
I am one of the first Indonesian artist that produce a genre in Electronic Music called Future Bass, I feel that Future Bass will be huge in 2017 until 2018 because of the unique “wobble” sounds that can be used in Mainstream Pop music. Also, to mention I have a series on my YouTube where I review fake / counterfeit shoes from every factory around the world and compare them from real authentic shoes to help people avoid buying fake or getting scammed on buying fake shoes. This series helps my channel grow massively and have a positive feedback from my audience.

6- Can you tell us more about your style?
As an Electronic Musician, I don’t have a unique style of my music yet. I am still experimenting with different sounds and playing around in many genres. I have a unique style on YouTube, my video edit is unique because I refer it from a lot of other YouTuber and make a unique editing style of my own. I am trying to explain a video without any voice-over, so I need to focus my work on visual information.

7- Where do see yourself in the next 5 years?
I believe in 5 years I should have finished my Master’s Degree, I will produce better content for both my YouTube and music platform because I will have more experience and time to run trial and errors, also if possible I would really love to be in a record label and network that care and support their artist :p

8- What can you tell young musicians who are pursuing their dreams?
Explore your talent, maintain your social circle, be your own Boss, and Prove everyone’s wrong about you. A quick story, on my first year in high school, everyone must choose an art-focused club for the next 3 years. I got denied from joining the music club without a clear reason from the music teacher on my 3rd day in school. I was not disappointed or mad, I was confused. 5 months after that incident, I release my first successful release on iTunes, it was not a huge hit, but it’s enough to make the music teacher regret his decision and ask for my assistance in producing the school’s yearly festival anthem.

9- What are you most excited about at the moment?
I am excited about the great music upcoming artist are producing, one of them is Droeloe, a duo-group signed to bitbird. I really enjoyed their music style. Another thing I am excited about is the sneakers and clothing huge company are releasing, I can’t wait to see more Adidas and Kanye’s work on the Yeezy line together in near future.

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10- The last word or final thoughts?
Thank You for having me on the Interview, Good Luck to everyone! Work Hard, Play Harder!

To connect with JINXSPR0, visit:

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