Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Interview with Josue Deras, Refer.Me Founder & CEO

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1- Hello Josue, can you please tell us a bit about you?
Hello and Thank you for having me. Well, for starters I consider myself a serial entrepreneur. I’ve worked for big and small companies but my dream has always been to become my own boss. Not all my business adventures have been big but when I see a problem I like to find it a solution, and that’s how Refer.Me was born.

2- What influences your work? What makes you want to wake up every morning?
What makes me wake up every morning is knowing that what I am doing can help others.

3- What are your focus areas and why?
In my personal and business life I always focus on how, where, and when I spend my money as well as how I can save and earn more. The reason why I do this is to be able to enjoy life in a smart way.

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4- Can you tell us more about your Refer.Me?
Well, first of all, it is hard to talk about Refer.Me without talking about “Refer a Friend” Programs. In our daily life, we use tons of products and services that offer these programs through referral codes or links. Sharing these referral codes and links helps you earn tons of rewards. One of the examples can be Uber… They are currently offering a Free ride for up to $20 dl for being referred by someone who already uses Uber but they also offer a free ride up to $15 dl to the person who is referring a passenger.

Before Refer.Me was created, the most you could do with referral codes and links was to share them on social media and maybe tell your friends and family. The truth is that no one has time to do it anymore nor anyone wants to push their friends and relatives to use their links and codes. Refer.Me is a Social Referral Network where people can upload their referral codes and links to be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime!

So it is really simple! We help people share their referral codes and links with tons of other people all over the country. There is always someone who is looking for the product you already have or use, or maybe you are looking to get or use a new product or service. Why not earn rewards by helping one another?

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5- Where do you think the company is making an impact?
I believe that Refer.Me is changing the game on how people are acquiring a new product or service. More and more we see that people are more likely to get a new product or service when is recommended by someone who already has it or uses it.

6- What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working on Refer.Me?
I’ve encounter tons of challenges but I believe the biggest one has been in getting a great team together. Having the right people working with you is the key to your success.

7- Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I hope I’ll be working with Refer.Me making every referral program better and easier for people like you and me.

8- What can you tell young entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dreams?
This might sound like a cliche but I tell everyone to stop waiting for things to happen and make them happen. Don’t wait to have the perfect prototype or product, just do it now and everything will come along.

9- What are you most excited about at the moment?
Refer.Me app is available on iOS and Android. We are currently working on our website that will be integrated with the app and will make the referral process easier for tons of people who likes the bigger screen.

10- The last word or final thoughts?
Once again, thank you for having me. Refer.Me is still improving and we are working really hard to make it better and better every day. I hope that our platform can help everyone earn tons of rewards!

Connect with Refer.Me, to know more about the app and how to get your rewards:
– Download app link,

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Noelle Elia
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