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Interview Nino Villanova, CEO Founder at Whirl Records

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Nino Villanova
Nino Villanova

1- Tell us a bit about yourself and your position at Whirl Records
I’m the CEO /founder. (BOSSA-NOVA) A 25-year music exec who has the passion and the gift to create music situations and turn it into a business. Raised in the east coast of Jersey /New York, now residing in Atlanta, GA.

2- How would you describe Whirl Records in under 60 words?
Collaboration of creative minds in business, music, fashion, film & swagger. We want to bring to the eyes and ears around the globe the entertainment in its raw form; from the creation of underground sounds to the top of the pop charts.

3- How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?
Our plans are to be a collected force and movement from every corner of the World and start up global links to represent one brand. “We are the Whirl, We are the Future.”

4- Where do you think the Whirl Records is making an impact?
The “Whirl”…The unity of all races and creeds, collaborating under one creative vehicle to spark the world through entertainment. There are no boundaries.

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5- What are your focus areas of Whirl Records and Why?
Collaboration in the creative process. Everyone being successful in whatever part they play. Good product that all can see, feel, hear and experience. “Get serious be heard!”
Why ? Everyone needs to take care of their family through their success. Collaboration brings different creative sounds and understandings together into one. We have to stop this violence/prejudice amongst each other because of color, race, religion or financial status.

6- You worked with some of the biggest names on the music industry, but what tips you can share with small companies when it comes to productions?
“DO YOU! NOT HIM!” Follow your own creative juices. Keep up with the times but “do you”!

7- Tell us about Whirl Records’ biggest success throughout the last years?
Just the blessings of having the vision and bringing together the right Team of People that believe in the Vision enough to create the product.

8- Where do you see the company in the next 5 years?
Traveling around the world making a statement of togetherness through our music on the charts, in your household and in every household.

9- What tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started a career in the music industry?
Create your own lane

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10- A last Word?
I am going to pass the energy around. I’m going to give everyone something they love to hear, wear and see.
“We Are The World” – Whirl Records


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Noelle Elia
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