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Interview With Rob Browning, Digital Marketing Pro, Ad Man, Public Speaker, & Social Engineer

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1- Hello Rob, can you please tell us a bit about you?
My name is Rob. I’m a midwestern based digital marketer and writer. I run Rob Blog while working full-time at an agency and attending business school. I love all things technology and media, especially video games and bad television.

2- What are your focus areas and why?
I love inbound marketing, especially in the digital realm. I started off with a strong interest in content marketing and search engine optimization, and then I branched out into paid media. Now, I love all things PPC. Growing traffic by increasing channel acquisition is fun, right?

3-How do you describe your journey as Digital Marketing Pro in few words?
I have always dabbled in the digital arts. I made many websites for organizations I was involved in; managed the social media of groups I worked with, and after I graduated with my MA in communication, I decided to turn my hobby into a career. I started out in-house marketing, and then made the leap into digital marketing, in an agency setting. I’ve been driving traffic ever since! 

4- Where do you think your work is making an impact?
I think my work teaches old dogs new tricks. Many brands I have lent my talents towards are strong businesses with products and services that are truly remarkable. Sometimes, they just need a stronger website, better social media, or some paid advertising to help get their message to the right consumer. Traditional advertising is expensive and doesn’t work like it used to, so I think when I can teach someone how to adapt to the digital age of marketing, brands thrive.

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5- SEO and Digital marketing in general, are changing with the introduction of voice search, what should a small business change when it comes to their strategies?
Small Businesses should take advantage of leading technology. Local SEO and Voice Search create an opportunity for small businesses to take the lead in the voice search results if they are optimized correctly. Small Businesses must be optimized for their local listings and also feature content short and sweet enough to be featured by Alexa or other voice search enabled devices.

6- What the word “Ads” means to you?
I think ads are any type of messaging that has been sponsored (or paid). They range from billboards to brochures, emailers to display ads, and everything in between. There is a sharp distinction between traditional and new age, where anything from an Instagram story can be boosted with a few bucks and some targeting decisions.

7- Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I would like to move into a digital marketing manager position and focus on big-picture digital strategy after I complete my MBA. In 5 years, I hope to have taken Rob Blog to the next level and create a massive resource tool for digital marketing professionals.

8- What can you tell young digital marketers who are pursuing their dreams?
Keep learning. Digital marketing tools, best practices, and policies can change overnight (always), so you must keep up; be flexible and learn how to become adaptive. Don’t be afraid to share these ideas as well. Your bosses and managers don’t have time to read Zest or Inbound always, but you have the time, teach them sometimes, too!

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9- What are you most excited about at the moment?
After 4 months, Rob Blog is doing exceptionally well. I am thrilled with the progress the site has made! My agency work and my freelance work have given me some exciting challenges, and 2018’s SEO and social media changes have me swamped. I’m looking forward to powering through these busy months.

10- The last word or final thoughts?
Remember, the foundation of all online interaction and experience is human communication. Don’t forget to speak, talk, and listen. The internet is a continuous conversation. If you always keep this in mind, you’re gold.

Connect with Rob on social media too:

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