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Interview with Salimah Jones, Founder of The Nursing Guide and author of Nursing 411: The Ultimate Career Guide for Busy Adults

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1- Hello Salimah, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a nurse practitioner, writer, and expert nursing career consultant. I have been in the nursing field for 10 years. I practice in retail urgent care and have been working in management for the latter part of my career. In addition to my clinical role, I help aspiring nurses, nursing students, and current nurses achieve successful careers through virtual mentoring and resources on my website, in my book, and via my social media groups.

2- What are your focus areas and why?

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The Nursing Guide focuses on adults who either want to change or further their education and careers, primarily in the nursing and healthcare industry. We provide expert consulting and practical success strategies to help individuals achieve their career goals while still being able to enjoy their personal and social lives. Success means nothing if you are unable to share it with the people you love. I think many of us struggle with work-school-family-life balance. It’s my goal to help people be more happy and productive, and show them how to reach their professional goals around their hectic lives.

3- How do you describe “The Nursing Guide” in few words?

Amazing resource and support organization.

4- Where do you think you are making an impact?

I’ve met several people who truly believe that they can’t pursue their dreams. They allow life to determine their limits or they simply don’t know different avenues they can take to reach their goals. I feel like I am providing inspiration and encouragement to those who just need someone to tell them to “go for it”.

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5- Can you tell us about your book?

Yes! My book is called NURSING 411: THE ULTIMATE CAREER GUIDE FOR BUSY ADULTS. How to Earn Your Degree While Keeping Your Day Job and Raising Your Family. In this book, I have provided a step-by step-guide for those interested in pursuing a nursing career. I cover everything from how to get accepted into a nursing program, how to pay for school, study strategies, balancing your life during school, all the way through obtaining a successful career after graduation. It is the most comprehensive resource that teaches all about the nursing role, jobs available in the field, and what you need to do to attain this career as a busy adult. Throughout the book, I share my own personal journey and all the obstacles I encountered along the way while pursuing my nursing career as a busy mom and wife. I think many people will relate to the book and really appreciate all the valuable information in it.

6- Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I aspire to be a best-selling author and international speaker in my industry. I will definitely write more books and continue to expand my educational services to meet the needs of my audience.

7- What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working on “The Nursing Guide”?

I’d say just getting my message out there has been the biggest challenge. Once people understand the vision behind The Nursing Guide and that it is truly an organization dedicated to helping and supporting individuals, it’s value is undeniable. There are not enough people in the world who truly want to see others succeed, or who achieve great success themselves but also want to show others “the ropes”.

8- What can you tell young women who are pursuing their dreams?

Don’t allow life, circumstances, or people to discourage you. If you have a goal, no matter what your obstacles are, there are ways to achieve it if you just keep an open mind and persevere.

9- What are you most excited about at the moment?

I’m just excited to share my story. As a woman and minority who basically came from nothing, I could have never imagined being where I am today. I am truly grateful for my failures as well as my successes and I look forward to inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

10- The last word or final thoughts?

I just encourage everyone to get the book and join our online community at The Nursing Guide. Share it with everyone you know. I truly believe this book and community will help so many people and has the ability to change lives. There is a link on The Nursing website to purchase the book or it can be found on Amazon!

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