Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Interview with Sujan Pariyar, The Guy Who Started The Classic Travel Trend.

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1- Hello Sujan, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Sujan Pariyar, founder of Inxchan, Director of Innovative Social Center, travel adviser, and author. I am one of the active philanthropists in Nepal. I run Inxchan- New Beginning of Life to fund different welfare projects I am involved with. Inxchan is a humanitarian, spiritual and adventurous trip which helps international participants to give back to local communities of Nepal.

2- You are considered as the guy who started meditation and yoga pictures as a travel trend. How did you get this idea and what will it benefit?

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After the devastating earthquake of Nepal, the number of tourists visiting had gone down. Being a travel adviser in Nepal, it made me feel promoting Nepal is one of my responsibilities. It’s been almost 5 years I am meditating and I wanted to use it for some good cause. While some time ago I acknowledged travel trends like “ Bare bum picture in beautiful landscape” which made me feel that kind of trend should not come to Nepal. That will not be a respectable thing to do by tourists. After that, I started picturing myself meditating and with yoga postures in different parts of Nepal and posted it on my social media. That is how the idea came and it’s really nice of people around the world that they are supporting this initiative and uploading their meditation and yoga pictures during their travel trips.

With this travel trend, I hope to spread Nepal as one of the top travel destinations and educate people about the benefits of Meditation and yoga.


3- Can you tell us more about “ Inxchan- New Beginning of Life”?

Inxchan – New Beginning of Life is a social enterprise supporting children, monks, women and local communities of Nepal. Inxchan has two sides of a coin, one is giving back to communities and another is helping tourists to explore Nepal in spiritual and adventurous ways. When a participant joins the Inxchan program they can enroll just to volunteer with children and monks or can take part in two weeks voluntourism trip. Two weeks volunteer and travel program is designed in such a way that participants can enjoy the real taste of Nepal. During this two weeks, participants volunteer in children home for a week and every afternoon they will be involved with exploring different cultural heritage sites around Kathmandu, hiking, learn Nepali language and traditions or learn to create different handicrafts. The next week participants volunteer with monks for 4 days and learn about meditation. The last three days will be adventurous where attendants will hike in the mountains, enjoy boating in a lake, experience Nepali culture dance shows and the program ends with paragliding.

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4- What message you will like to share with the people reading your interview?

We are all looking for a successful life. We all work hard to get it but even if we have millions of dollars in our hands, many times we might not feel happy or successful. Having wealth or a busy lifestyle might not define happiness for many of us. If you are thinking of creating something new in your life that will mean something for you then I advise you to take a travel trip or give your assistance to local welfare community projects.Visiting new places will let you understand lifestyles of different local people and you tend to adapt to that community which will build patients and many times new perspectives to your life. And volunteering for vulnerable people can give you the satisfaction or the sense of fulfillment which may help you to find the purpose of life.

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