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Interview with Todd Howell, Partner at Universal Retirement

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1- Hello Todd, can you please tell us a bit about you?
I started learning about investing and the stock market when I was in high school. Money has always fascinated me. I earned an MBA so I could become a better business owner. Then for fun, I earned an MAS (Masters of Aeronautical Science) because I love aviation and flying. I’m licensed to fly airplanes, but I enjoy flying helicopters more. They’re more challenging. I stay involved with the community by serving on the City of Henderson Planning Commission, talking in schools, and being active in my church.

2- What are your focus areas and why?
I specialize in helping business owners and entrepreneurs maximize the power of their money and lowering their taxes. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I’d often get frustrated that my money wouldn’t go far enough. I needed, or wanted to spend my money on two different things for my business, but my dollar wouldn’t stretch far enough. Now I’ve learned how to use the same investment dollar twice. I can show people how to make their money work twice as hard while lowering their tax liability. This is a strategy that I wish I would’ve know about 20 years ago. Now I want to help other entrepreneurs so they don’t have to learn things the hard way like I did.

3- What influences your work? What makes you want to wake up every morning?
I love what I do! I really enjoy helping people with their finances. There is such satisfaction in knowing that I’m helping people secure their financial future. There is such a lack of financial education and stability in our country today; it’s scary. So many people live paycheck to paycheck with little saved for a rainy day. Everyday I feel like it’s a race to see how many people I can help. We’re slowly making a difference.

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4- You are very good at dealing with money investment; tell us about your experience?
I’ve always enjoyed working with money and learning about different investment strategies. I was the kid in high school that was following the stock market while my friends were following football and basketball. I had learned about investing strategies, but when I became a business owner I wasn’t prepared for everything that I was faced with. My first year in business I generated $2.4 million in revenue. That sounds good, but cash flow was still an issue. Cash flow is probably the biggest issue business owners face. I’ve found that it’s critical for entrepreneurs to have their money constantly working for them, but to also have access to their savings when it’s needed; without having to pay taxes and early withdrawal penalties. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the light bulb go off when I show a business owner financial strategies that they didn’t know were possible.

5- How do you describe “Universal Retirement”?
Universal Retirement, or UniRet, as we call ourselves (that’s our domain name too), is a company full of passionate people. We consider ourselves a community partner. We have a family-like sphere and everyone here strives to make a difference. UniRet works with people across the financial spectrum. Some clients need help creating their first household budget and some hand holding while they learn to live on that budget. Then we have clients that take advantage of the specialized investment strategies we use to maximize bank leverage and tax shelters.

6- Where do you think you are making an impact?
One of the most inspiring things I believe we do is to bring financial education to children. We offer free financial education courses to schools. We believe that if we can help children understand the psychology of money and the importance of budgeting, then we’ll truly change the future.

7- Where do you see “Universal Retirement” in the next 5 years?
We’re currently expanding into five additional states. Within the next 5 years I expect Universal Retirement to have Advisors in all 50 states helping communities and people with their financial dreams. We want to help secure the financial future of our clients and their families.

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8- What can you tell people who are pursuing their dreams?
I deal a lot with people that own their own business or work for themselves. These are some tips I’ve picked up over the years that I believe will give people the best chance for success:

  • Get a Coach or Mentor
  • Know Your Niche
  • Knowledge
    • Products
    • Industry
    • Tax Laws
    • Competition
    • Allies to work with
  • Business Plan
    • Cash Flow, Cash Flow, Cash Flow
    • Keep your cash liquid
  • Business Structure
    • Sole Proprietorship
    • Partnership
    • C Corporation
    • S Corporation
    • Limited Liability Company
  • Business Taxes
    • Reduce Your Taxes
  • Separate Personal & Business Finances
  • Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Know Your Clients
    • CRM software
      • Know Your Client’s Needs
    • Marketing – Market Yourself
    • Track & Analyze
    • Always Evolve
    • Don’t get Discouraged
      • Remember the Benefits of Business Ownership
      • Put your money into a financial product that keeps your money working for you all of the time

9- What are you most excited about at the moment?
I have several group presentations this summer where I get to share some passion, motivation, and financial inspiration with people. I really enjoy speaking with groups of people and showing them financial strategies they didn’t know were possible.

10- The last word or final thoughts?
I always enjoy learning new things. I’m always searching for new methods, strategies, information, and adventures. I want to encourage everyone to think outside of the box. Try new adventures. Learn new things. Get your money working for you.

To know more about Todd and his business, visit:

Universal Retirement Website,

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Noelle Elia
Noelle Elia
is a Financial analyst at PSPC. Graduated from Telfer School of Management, Finance/Accounting with interest to Entrepreneurship and New Media.
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