Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Interview with Andry Gunawan, Dreamboks’ Founder

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1. Hello Andry, can you tell me about yourself?
I am a web and app developer and I also run a design and video company.

2. What’s your current focus? Why?
I am currently focusing on IT now as I am trying to develop more IT related products since IT industry is growing rapidly at the moment and in the future, it is going to help people to live conveniently

3. Can you briefly describe “Dreamboks”?
Dreamboks is a new social media platform that can help its users to make their dreams come true simply by writing down their dreams and share them.

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4. In what way, do you think you can influence people?
I believe that I can influence people to encourage people to start dreaming because everything begins with a dream that will eventually come true that’s why I created dreamboks.

5. What aspects do people not know about ‘Dreamboks’?
I started dreamboks with dreams. There were a lot of limitations, therefore, one of the reasons why people are still unaware of DB is simply because the limited funds to promote DB.

6. IT industry is growing rapidly, where would you be in the next 5 years?
I am sure I will still bdm involved in the IT industry. Dreamboks will have grown big and I will be in the “laboraturium” to produce more useful products for people.

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7. What’s the biggest challenge you have encountered while working on Dreamboks?
Because life begins with a dream. And started db merely with a dream and ideas. I started to recruit programmers who are willing to work free of charge or, paid, but only a limited amount of money. The project ran very slowly as there were a lot of changes in the programmer team. I had to explain the concept repeatedly whenever there was a new programmer until db was finally completed. And now, the bigger challenge is to introduce db to the public and to develop it.

8. What suggestions do you have for new businessmen who are starting their business?
Start with a dream, never give up. Cliche but it is true! Well, it is not easy though.

9. What project are you working on at the moment?
My main focus is still to introduce dreamboks to users around the world.

10. Any final words?
Don’t be afraid to start dreaming. Share your dreams and someone, I don’t know who will help you make your dreams come true, even the craziest ones.
One final note. Feel free to use
Thank you

To know more about Andry, visit:

And to know more about dreamboks, visit:

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