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Interview with Angela Lee, Founder of Millennial Housing & Lifestyle

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Angela Lee
Angela Lee

1- Hello Angela, can you tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a Millennial. In a nutshell, I’m a NYC transplant with 12 years of experience in Real Estate and Mortgage Banking. I have held senior positions in sales, talent management, communications and marketing for various private and public institutions. I was recently elected to lead the largest AAPI real estate trade organization in 2017 — and honored as the first Millennial, Korean American female leader of a nationwide real estate trade organization.

2- How would you describe “Millennial Housing & Lifestyle” in under few words?
The decision to launch this platform is due to my passion about educating the Millennial generation in terms of housing and lifestyle so we can have a positive impact for the generations to come. Whether or not one believes homeownership is still out of reach, we will talk about challenges together. The blog platform has exclusive interviews with experts, lifestyle tips and tricks—as well as informative content designed to help make the next big decision a smart one. I am on a mission to make Real Estate relevant to a lifestyle—and not just some responsibility to dread.

3- What are your focus areas and why?
So here I am in real estate, doing something that will impact millions of people all over America. Hosting this important discussion concerning the Millennial generation and real estate is at the very core of our personal lives, our regional and national economies, and our futures.

4- How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?
Most blogs dealing with real estate are self-serving. They bend over backward to sell products and services. But this blog is different. I’m here for one reason – to start and nurture a rich conversation. The participants will be Millennials and interested others who want to make an important contribution to the real estate industry.

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5- Millennial are the treasure of today society, but how today real estate market is impacting how they see and do things for their future?
The soaring cost of education, massive student loan debt, the difficult job market, and the rapid rise in the cost of living in major population centers has hit Millennials square in the jaw. We have a challenge like no other generation has faced in decades. One of the first areas we Millennials must reform is real estate. In an age when it’s very difficult to buy a home before age 40, it will be our task to find ways to disrupt, innovate, and improve.

6- What are some things that most people don’t know about your job?
The blogging business is not an easy task. In order to create and curate quality content, I have to spend countless hours brainstorming and speaking to my sphere of influence. It is a hard work, a full-time gig and much of it isn’t glamorous. Just like any other business investment, it’s important not to lose sight of end goals.

7- What tips would you give to a Millennial who is looking to get started a business in today market?
I would say don’t rush into anything and get a professional mentor (you should find one if you don’t have one already.) You’re going to need a whole lot of skills you probably don’t have right now because of your age. Technical skills are great assets, but interpersonal skills will get you far in life, especially in business. Second advice is, don’t ever burn bridges because you never know where and how your paths will cross again. We all run in circles – it’s a small world out there. It is a golden rule in life.

8- And what were some of the biggest challenges you encountered personally?
I recently ended a 13-year career as an upper-level executive in the financial industry. I can’t lie, the money was very good. But here in New York City, it takes a lot of cash just to live. I woke up one morning realizing I was about to turn 33 and owed on mortgage debts, student loans and credit cards for a grand total of $1.5 million of debt. I was clearly going to be working until my dying day simply running in place to keep the payments on schedule. But the big realization that made me quit my career was – I wasn’t making a difference in the world. Focusing on everything that’s working instead of dwelling on negativity has helped create a balance in my personal life.

9- What are you most excited about at the moment?
My biggest project at the moment is the official launch of my new blog – Millennial Housing & Lifestyle. 🙂

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10- A last Word or final thoughts?
Remember, leaders are not born. They are made. Becoming an entrepreneur/CEO is not as hard as it looks like. It is the hard work that you need to put in, that is a big deal. Be sure to dream big and focus on what you want out of your actions. Immerse yourself in building your own empire.

— To know more about Angela and here business please connect with her at Facebook and Twitter.

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Noelle Elia
Noelle Elia
is a Financial analyst at PSPC. Graduated from Telfer School of Management, Finance/Accounting with interest to Entrepreneurship and New Media.
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