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Interview with Chandan Prashar, Entrepreneur & Kivalo’s Founder

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1- First of all Please introduce yourself to our readers.
I am the founder and brain behind Kivalo. Along with Kivalo, I am also the founder of Aracion which specialises in IT services and Infrastructure. Aracion is currently having its offices in London, Chicago, Bangalore and Honda Kong.

2- Who or what inspired you to get launch this company?
My mother inspires me to work hard and to believe in myself. Apart from my mother, my ex-boss has played a vital role in my success. Also, my wife, son, siblings, friends, MFEO’s, people I know, everyone inspires me to work hard. Through Kivalo, I want to bring the difference in the lifestyle/health of the people with the help of technology.

3- Tell us about your Team working in the company? You must have hired some exceptionally talented individuals?
We have a team in three different countries working on this project – UK/India/China. Product designing in the UK, Software in India and manufacturing in China so we have the best of the three countries have to offer

4- What are the main products your company is offering?
We are working on IoT/Wearables. Our main focus is in the health domain. We are going to Launch our fitness watch soon.

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Kivalo Health

Stay Healthy, Think Healthy , Be Healthy and Be Kivalo.Thank you Arunima Gupta Bhalla for this wonderful teaser. You have done a fantastic job. Kudos to team Kivalo

Posted by Kivalo on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

5- What makes your fitness watch different from other such products?
There a quite a few brands available in the market from $20 TO $400 all serve a different purpose. We have tried to bring the key features together like Running/Cycling/Swimming/Dynamic Heart rate into one single device which can offer battery up to 60 days which no one has been able to achieve so far.

6- Your IoT products are made for some specific kind of people? Or these will be helpful for anyone who would use it?
Our products are for anyone when we work on a project we don’t keep the profiling of people in mind rather look at how this product can benefit all.

7- What are your future goals? What are the main projects coming in market in near future?
Our future goal is to be a market leader in IOT / wearables health related products. We are also working on a device which is 6 in one health device that helps you connect with a doctor through a video call and transmits all important health parameters(Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, ECG, Breathing Rate) to the doctor remotely. Our aim is that for minor ailments you can consult the doctors from the comfort of your home.

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8- Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
I would say do what you believe in which will help convert the dreams to reality. Also, I have seen many times people go over the board to follow their passion but they must remember there is a small line which divides following your passion and being stupid.

9- What’s the best way to stay updated about your products and services?
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To know more about Chandan and his companies, visit:

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