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Interview With Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Author Jakub Tencl

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1. Hello Jakub! Can you please tell us a bit about you?

I was born in the oldest part of the city of Prague. Since my childhood, I was intrigued by old buildings and that was an opportunity to develop creativity. Surrounded by wonderful paintings I decided to draw my own creations and found my style. In fact, I feel that creativity is essential in our world, therefore I later chose something that explains my approach: “Creativity is the world that we see.”.

Imagine that everything is a result of the effort of an artist trying to express something unspoken which does not have words. Maybe it’s love when you look at trees, maybe it’s endless beauty when you look at the flowers in the garden. You can feel it, but you can’t explain it. It almost feels like a mystery, but ‘the truth’ is what comes, enough for fulfilment.

Actually, my life was full of creativity – I followed other creative interests. I developed an interest in martial arts, philosophy, and that brought me to eastern wisdom. I was strongly influenced by the freedom that was obvious in eastern wisdom, therefore I resolved to meditate. I had a strong desire to discover this freedom. Meditation has been my daily activity for over twenty years now.

Not only was creativity uppermost in my life, but also logical abilities. I was interested in physics already in primary school. I was overwhelmed by new knowledge and excitement when some things had been discovered. I studied the principles and felt that I would be able to make a discovery.

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Later in life, I was strongly determined to follow my mission, discovered due to my spiritual quest. Things happened how they had to happen. It could not be otherwise. I moved to London where I was about to fulfil my vision and I think that it was successful.

2. What are your areas of focus and why?

My areas of focus are anxiety and depression, the immune system, irritable bowel syndrome, self-acceptance. One of the reasons is that these areas have their own complexity and challenges that provide an opportunity for research.

3. How would you describe clinical hypnotherapy in a few words?

It is a field of hypnotherapy focused on the practical use of research methodology and findings. Clinical hypnotherapy classifies core activities in three main directions: assessment (includes psychoanalysis), treatment, and research. An interview in which a hypnotherapist observes, questions, and interacts with a client is another assessment tool. For treatment, a clinical hypnotherapist may use an eclectic approach based on a combination of procedures appropriate to the client.

4. Where do you think it’s making an impact?

There are about 76 areas where clinical hypnotherapy can help. Among them are for instance asthma, amnesia, the immune system, or anesthesia.

5. As a coach do you think Integrity is an essential part of the game?

Yes, I totally agree. It is an essential part.

6. Tell us more about your book Perception From the Multicultural Perspective.

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This book is research exploring the possibilities of Mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy (MCBH), an idea of the Scale of adaptability, the theory of language DNA, and much more.

7. Do you find that as an expert you enjoy the challenge of the industry being complex with the game rules always changing?

That’s what I see amazing about this job. Challenges and constant studying.

8. If you could turn the time, what would you love to change about your career?

If I had a chance to change the past, I honestly don’t feel that there is something I wanted to do otherwise in terms of my career.

9. What are you most excited about at present?

Currently, I am about to form a research team whose purpose will be to research hypnosis. That’s exciting. A few types of research have already been proposed and waiting to be verified. I am also about to finish my next book devoted to the topic of bullying. That’s also great, achieving success.

10. The last word or final thoughts?

Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you, it has been a pleasure to answer your questions.

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